Ten Foods You Should Never Give to Your French Bulldogs

Ten Foods You Should Never Give to Your French Bulldogs


Frenchie’s are like babies that have delicate body parts. We have to care for them – down to the kind of food they eat. You can check your French bulldog food to prevent them from getting sick. Doing this will reduce the rate at which your Frenchie falls sick and throws food out of its mouth.

Some foods are wrong for your Frenchie to swallow. Some of these foods may be okay for humans to eat and consume but cannot pass as French Bulldog food. Hence when ingested by a Frenchie can lead to sickness and even death.


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Your Frenchie will take anything before it as a French bulldog food especially food that is accidentally dropped on the floor. But when you know exactly what your Frenchie cannot eat, you will be more careful about what you read around the house to prevent it from getting to your Frenchie.

  1.     Chocolate

Yes, chocolates are toxic to your French bulldog; it contains a substance called theobromine, and it can cause tremors and seizures when consumed by your Frenchie in large quantities hence cannot be a French bulldog food.

  1.     Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic are part of the allium family. Do not allow your Frenchie to consume it even if it is cooked. They can lead to stomach trouble and damage blood cells of your French Bulldog. The signs of poisoning will not be very visible as it usually takes days for it to show signs.

  1.     Gums and Mints

Gums and Mints contain artificial sweeteners xylitol. Several researches have shown that it is more poisonous than chocolate to dogs. It damages their liver and makes them sick till they die. Hence cannot pass as French bulldog food.

  1.     Candy and Sweets

Do not let your Frenchie eat candies. It is not only gums that contain xylitol; candies also do. Also, candies have a risk of blocking the digestive system of your French bulldog.

  1.     Peanut Butter

Although not all, but some peanut butter contains xylitol. Hence you have to be careful of the one you feed your dog. I will advise you to read the labels carefully before using it as French Bulldog food, or you just completely stay out of peanut butter.

  1.     Corn on the Cob

Corn can get stuck in the intestine of your dog and lead to death. Although it is not toxic, it is the intestine's clogging that leads to its death.

  1.     Cooked Bones

Bones that are cooked become brittle and can break into fragments when they are cracked. And because of the ways Frenchie mouth are shaped, the bones can get stuck and lead to injury.

  1.     Avocado

Yes. Not just any fruit is good for your Frenchie. When your Frenchie eats avocado in large quantity, Persin, which is contained in the avocado, can lead to diarrhea and vomiting hence should not be put in French bulldog food.

  1.     Grapes

Grapes can lead to kidney failure when it is consumed in large quantity. Before using grapes as French bulldog food, you should talk to your vet.

  1. Mustard Seed

Mustard can induce vomiting. But the seeds contain poisonous substances and can be harmful to your Frenchie.

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French bulldogs are delicate. It would help if you watched what they put into their mouth to remain healthy and not have any complications. Also preventing any of these will help reduce the medical emergencies they will go through.

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