What Happens to French Bulldog Outside at Night?

What Happens to French Bulldog Outside at Night?

Not all dogs can survive staying outside especially under extreme weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions are dangerous for French Bulldogs. Allowing French Bulldogs to spend the night outside may result in some untold health risks for your friend, so it is important that we protect them and that’s why we are making this post.



French Bulldogs are a pet dog with some unusual attributes that are hardly seen in other dog breeds or pets in general. The French bulldog is unique in so many ways. They are famous for their bat-shaped ears, their brachycephalic skulls, and also the tendency to quickly catch a cold at night. The breed is one of the most popular pets in the world today as they are increasingly being owned by many families across the globe. In the United Kingdom, they were the fourth-most famous registered dog as at 2015. 

Their brachycephalic skull is an outstanding feature of the Frenchies, which gives them a short nose and generally, a short head. Due to their short hair and shortened nostrils, French bulldogs experience difficulties staying outside and can develop health complications from exposure to extreme weather conditions. Even if you live in a moderate climate, it is safer to allow your French bulldogs to remain indoors, especially at night.

Most dogs that live or stay outdoors are usually security dogs, such as German Shepherd. So, it is important for you to note that French Bulldog isn’t a security dog. Your Frenchie is a pet, and you should treat him or her as such. 

When we talk about small dog breeds like the French Bulldogs, their primary purpose is to serve as a loyal companion and friend. Notably, French Bulldogs are most famous for their friendliness, always wanting to cuddle and stay together with their owner, spending time with humans, playing and all. Over time they have become known to suffer from separation anxiety when they are separated from their owner because of their innate desire for companionship.

Frenchies also don’t do well under intense heat or hash weather conditions, just they are don’t do well under extreme cold weather, as they stand the risk of having heatstroke. Heatstroke is the most severe form of heat injury in French Bulldogs and is mostly considered a medical emergency. The medical definition of a heat stroke is a core body temperature that is greater than 104 degrees Fahrenheit, with complications that involve the central nervous system that occurs after exposure to high temperatures.

They are better off in a moderate climate, hence, it is not wise to leave your French Bulldog outside at night, since the weather is most likely going to be either extremely hot or extremely cold. Both extremes are not good for your friend.


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