Safe Anti-Virus Disinfectants for Your dogs

Safe Anti-Virus Disinfectants for Your dogs

Coronavirus is not new; it was first discovered in animals in 1960, But it was not found to be transmittable from human to human until COVID-19. Hence, this is a new virus to human beings. The new virus continues to spread in lots of countries, causing the death of many. Hence you have to be careful so that you and your dog remain safe.

If you take some time to look at Lysol, Clorox, or Purell, you see that it has some claim that it can kill a lot of viruses and bacteria; up to 99% of bacteria and viruses it says. If you also check further on the bottle of these disinfectants, you will see the list of the viruses that it can kill. And somewhere around there is written ‘human viruses’.

This label is making many dog owners think this could be the magic product for their dogs. The truth is that they can be perfect for your dogs, but you have to know how to use them.

How to Use Disinfectant for Your Dogs

There are lots of things to disinfect. You should clean your house always, ensuring that your dog is locked up in its house. You should use a wipe to clean every surface in your dog’s house. Ensure you wipe off all surfaces.

Then you put a clean cloth in the disinfectant and apply to the surface you want to clean. You can also apply some disinfectant in the water you bath your dog with. This will help kill all viruses present on its fur.


When to Stop Using a Disinfectant

Your dog cannot speak out when something hurts them. But there are some signs you can notice that shows you have to change your disinfectant. These signs will help you know if you are using the right disinfectants.

  • You should check if your dog blinks more frequently than he/she used to
  • Assess the stool of your dog if it is quite lighter than it is supposed.
  • Rub off the fur of your dog and notice if its hair pulls after each rub.

These signs will help you know if you should stop using that particular disinfectant or not. Some dogs have different reactions to various recommended disinfectants available so pay attention to your dog and be certain which disinfectant is most suitable for them.


How to Know Safe Disinfectants for Your Dogs

Dogs generally react to alcohol; this goes on for all alcohol containing disinfectants especially those in high concentration. It can lead to several health challenges for your dog. Hence you should get disinfectants that do not contain alcohol or that its alcohol content is at a lesser concentration.

You should use disinfectants that are graded for clothes; clothes disinfectants are usually mild and would just be suitable for your dog. They will help you eliminate the virus from the fur of your dog and keep your dog clean and virus-free anytime you use it for them.


Which Wipe can I Use for My Dog?

The first step for you to take is to check the label of the wipe you want to use. Some of these wipes come with instructions for use. Ensure to go through how to use the product so that you can apply it carefully.

Like Clorox, some wipes state that you should use wipes on surfaces and allow them to remain wet for 4 minutes. Also, to kill viruses, allow it to stand for 15 seconds”.

The chances of you getting the virus from your dog are quite low if you reduce the number of times strangers or neighbors rub the fur of your dog. You can ensure to keep your dog cleaned up with Clorox after a walk or a necessary outing; add it to the water you would use to bath the dog and expect a fantastic result.


Can the Virus Lead to the Death of My Dog?

So far, there has been a recorded situation where a dog tested positive for the coronavirus. This dog got infected from its owner that had initially tested positive. Hence it is advisable always to clean your dog to prevent infection from an infected person.

Yes, your dog can get infected from you and this can lead to its death. So you should be careful around your dog. Maintain proper hygiene as this will reduce the chances for you or your dog getting infected.

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I have a 3 month old male , active, French Bulldog. I notice he shakes a lot while he is sleeping with his eyes closed. I don’t know if he is dreaming or if something neurological is wrong. I know he is not cold at night because I cover him up with a blanket.
Any suggestions please let me know.
Thank you in advance.

Lorraine Cruz

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