How to Select the Right Bed for Your Frenchie?

How to Select the Right Bed for Your Frenchie?

A dog bed is an important thing to have for your beloved pets. If you own a French bulldog, then you know that it's a particularly difficult breed to maintain. The dog is susceptible to different types of health issues and the wrong bed can make it worse. Here is a blog that will help you choose the right bed for your Frenchie.

How To Choose The Right Size Dog Bed?

You must make your pooch comfortable by making sure to rest on the right-sized bed. As human beings, there are different sizes when it comes to dog breeds! If you have a French bulldog you might notice that he can get into lots of different positions throughout the night.

This includes ones stretched out on top of the sheets with legs stretched in opposite directions just like Superman or folded up at the end of the bed with their head tucked between their paws. These positions will either be conducive or detrimental to quality sleep so it’s important to carefully think about which will fit best with your dog's personality and needs before deciding on one for him.

What Size of Bed Is Best for Your French bulldog?

You should make sure that your dog's bed is large enough to fit your dog comfortably and in as many natural positions as they want to be. For example, if you have a French bulldog, it may fit them just fine when they are curled up, and the bed also fits when they stretch out their legs.

Each French bulldog is different when it comes to sleeping preferences in general. Just like people, some will prefer sleeping on pillows while others would rather sink their bones deep into the mattress. But one thing is for sure they need a comfortable place to relax. Here are some styles of bed that are best for your French bulldogs.

  • Mattress bed
  • Oval or Round bed
  • Box beds

Best Beds for Your French Bulldogs

Shark bed For French bulldogs

The Shark Dog bed from Hunter's Specialties looks like a shark, but in reality, it's just a cuddly dog bed for your pet to snuggle up in. It has a cushioned interior that gives your dog the best kind of comfort and support when it's time to rest.

This shark dog bed is made with non-slip fabric on the bottom so it won't keep sliding away while the pet sits or lies down on it. This washable shark pet bed is sure to be a great addition to any room.

Portable Slippers Soft Bed

Don’t look further for beds portable Slippers Bed is here. Made of premium materials, this bed will keep your dog staying warm and comfortable throughout the year. The design is gorgeous and it comes in a variety of colors so you're sure to find one your pet will love even more.

The pillowed grating design provides extra comfort for an experience unlike any other. It's a perfect fit for cuddling up and taking naps, indoors or out. Bring along the cute bed wherever you go - it's easy to dry if it gets dirty outside, folds up easily when not in use, and comes with instructions so that setting it up correctly doesn't have to be a hassle! Let your pup rest in style with the comfy new French bulldog slippers bed.

Warm French bulldog Bed

This dog bed has a soft, luxurious feel to it and enough padding for both support and comfort. There are also a variety of sizes available making it ideal for larger dogs that like to take up a lot of space in their beds at night.

The non-slip base is perfect for Labradors who tend to run around the house during the early morning. It’s machine washable so all you need to do is simply put it on a gentle cycle and you can take care of it easily.

Bella bed for French bulldog

This dog bed keeps your pet comfortable and safe. The material for this product is made of soft and durable polyester fabric. The bottom of this dog shelter house is made with a non-slip feature that prevents the bed from shifting while your pet is using it in terms of comfortability and usage.

This dog shelter comes equipped with an attached pillow where you can rest your pet's head without the need to use an additional accessory. Overall, this product is easy to clean by machine washing if the cleaning process takes longer than average since there are removable covers included with every pet bed.

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Dobi bed for French bulldog

The Dobi Bed Indoor House is the ideal soft home for your French bulldog. Perfect for giving them some security and privacy, while keeping them safe and protected inside a comfortable environment.

This lightweight house is so easy to position anywhere around your home and can be moved around on its base. Ideal for furniture-less homes where there isn't room for a larger piece of furniture. Its durable quality allows it to maintain a level of comfort (as well as privacy!) that you'll love seeing in your dog.

Winter Bed House for French bulldog

The Winter Bed House is so cute and appears to be made with very high-quality fabric. It also comes with an extra layer of padding for softness as well as an interior mat that can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.

The fabric seems like it will keep your pet warm at night without being bulky. On top of that, you may have noticed that the Winter Bed House could double as a playhouse or maybe even be used for training purposes.


When it comes to the right bed for your French bulldog, you have tons of different options available to you. You can find a wide variety of different beds that are available in different sizes and from different manufacturers. However, the important thing is to select a bed that is comfortable for your Frenchie. We hope you enjoyed reading our post about how to select the right bed for your Frenchie.



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