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One of the most prevalent gastro problems in French Bulldogs is usually digestion issues. The digestive problem can be experienced by both human beings and dogs, and it can become a very big problem if not properly handled. French Bulldogs are an adorable baby breed of dog, cute and intelligent. Frenchies are playful and funny - These are among some of the main reasons why we all love Frenchies. So, letting this lovely friend of ours to go through gastro problems without help from us is the very last thing I want to do to my French Bulldog and I believe you, too.

That's why we have put together this piece to help you learn how we can effectively prevent our Frenchies from having stomach issues, like most dogs and humans too.

First off, let's identify some of the causes of stomach problems in French Bulldogs. To minimize the length of this article, we are going to categorize these causes into just 3 and discuss them collectively, thus:
1. Facial Structure
2. Some Bacteria Present
3. Medical Conditions

Starting from the first one. FACIAL STRUCTURE. You are probably wondering, what has the structure of a french bulldogs face got to do their stomach problem. let me explain. Frenchies are brachycephalic breed, one thing common among dogs of this breed is that they generally have flat faces, short muzzle, pushed-upper jaw, and not-very-wide nostrils. Because of these facial features of the French Bulldog, the pet usually has problems breathing through the nose. What this makes them do is that they instead breathe through their mouth. So, they take a lot of air into their internal parts, causes them to have a bloated stomach, which leads to Frenchies releasing a lot of gas, (farts). This is also capable of causing stomach upset.

2. SOME BACTERIA PRESENT: Another cause of stomach problems in French Bulldog is the presence of bacteria in the internal tract. Hence, Your Frenchies enzymes are not able to properly digestive some food contents, especially fiber and proteinous foods,

3. MEDICAL CONDITIONS: There is also possible that your Frenchie's Gastro problems are as a result of a medical condition. For some French Bulldogs, their medical conditions may be genetic. One of such medical conditions is stomach upset. Pancreatic insufficiency, food intolerance, parasites or inflammatory bowel disease can sometimes be an addition to the gastrointestinal troubles.

Preventing Gastro Problems in French Bulldogs

1. Choose the right food: French bulldogs can play better with the food that has a very high digestive source of protein and also has fibers that don’t have the bacteria that produces gas in the colon. Try avoiding some things like soy, peas or beans which will be a good initiative. Thing like ‘low-residue’ formula will also work very well. It means that mostly the nutrients of this diet will be absorbed and digested by the pup before they could reach to the microbes which are gassy.

2. Change the meal time: Feeding your Frenchie many times in a day can decrease the quantity of air they swallow in the day. You can feed the dry food and as well as canned food too, it will also help. You can also try feeding on hand.
Check with your pup’s veterinarian: There might be chances of some serious medical or stomach issues, which might need extra care if your pup suffers a lot from stomach problems and the problems are long-lasting. For this, you might consult a doctor to take extra care.

3. Ditch the dairy: It’s common for us to feed milk or cheese to pets. But do you know that milk and cheese have lactose present in them, which is not digested properly by any dog who is adult? So, you should probably stop feeding dairy products to your French bulldog!

In the end, having some health problems is common among human and dogs. With some extra effort and care, these problems of the Frenchies or human can be reduced to some level. And you can stay relaxed, happy and free of embarrassment, while going out, having fun together, enjoying with your dog. Moreover, you can explore the world with your dog being stress-free. Isn’t it amazing?

So, start taking extra care of your French bulldog from now only and for more information, you may consult a doctor. And here are some human food that better not give your Frenchie. Explore the world and enjoy together.

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  • Keira

    I have two frenchies at home and we make them homemade meals. But lately we don’t know what to feed/ make them. So my mom had me research this topic, and now I have a whole book full of foods and recipes for them! Thanks again!

  • Koji Shimada

    Our Frenchie, female, 12 years old had a gastric evacuation trouble caused by narrowing of the pylorus,the balloon inflation treated last autumn didn’t work well and then she got a surgical operation for expanding the antrum pyloricum.
    And she made a complete recovery after that and no more vomiting at all, she got more active than she used to be.

    Our vet said almost same as this article says and we changed and meal time as this article says, Good information!!

  • Millie

    My frenchie loves romaine lettuce with olive oils and rice vinaigrette. There isn’t any wine…She loves it…I dont eat any dairy as I am allergic so my frenchie doesn’t get any of that. You didn’t mention beef or duck or venison.

  • Millie

    My frenchie loves romaine lettuce with olive oils and rice vinaigrette. There isn’t any wine…She loves it…I dont eat any dairy as I am allergic so my frenchie doesn’t get any of that. You didn’t mention beef or duck or venison.

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