How to Prepare Your French Bulldog for Your Baby (If You Are Pregnant)

How to Prepare Your French Bulldog for Your Baby (If You Are Pregnant)


French bulldogs can be very lovely. But sometimes, you may not know how they will react when they see a new person in the house. Hence there are some things you have to put in place before your new born baby arrive – these things will help your Frenchie understand that you have a new commitment before your baby arrives.

1. Routine

You should change the routine of the dog before your baby arrives. You can start this a few weeks to when you expect the baby. Give the dog food at random, sometimes let it sleep in the room instead of its cage, and other times, allow it go for walk at random times. This way, you allow the dog notice a change in routine before the baby arrives.

Dogs are quite sensitive, if your routine changes after delivery, they will have some ‘bad blood’ towards the new born seeing him as the new treat instead of welcoming it.


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2. Familiarize

Let your dog see baby things around the house before your baby arrives. Take the dog to the baby toys and let them smell them. Sometimes, when the dog wants to chew these toys, let it know that they are for the baby.

Doing this will make the dog know that some toys are not for it and for the baby before your baby arrives. They will also be used to seeing the toys around and not get jealous when the baby uses them.

Take them to your baby blanket and allow them sniff around it. These will help them feel nothing is new when your baby arrives.

3. Dog toys too

You see, French bulldogs are smart and they can tell from a mile away when your attention drifts from them. So, get them their toys too. When you buy toys for your babies, ensure you buy for your dogs too.

Do not let your Frenchie feel like he is being punished when they see new toys for the baby and none for them.

One other thing you can do is to bring your dog to the hospital when you are about to leave the hospital. Driving home from the hospital with the dog will make the dog feel more involved in the process and not just as some castaway before your baby arrives.


Preparing your Frenchie for the baby before the baby arrives is much easier than after the baby comes. It is very difficult to train your dog and your baby at the same time. Hence take out time to effect these changes to prevent clashes between your dog and baby before your baby arrives.

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