How to Make Your Partner a Frenchie Lover

How to Make Your Partner a Frenchie Lover

It is quite challenging to train a French bulldog if your partner does not love it. It can be a source of arguments and can lead to difficulties in communication. There are some things you can do to help your partner become a Frenchie lover.

First, try to find out why your partner doesn’t like French bulldogs. Addressing this reason is a step closer to making them a French bulldog lover. Sometimes, when your partner doesn’t like French bulldogs, it can be as result of a general dislike for dogs. Your partner may see dogs as an ominous being, and this can affect her relationship with them.


Here are Some Possible Reasons Why Your Partner May not Like French Bulldogs

  • Dog Bite

This could be from a previous experience with dogs. Your partner could be a victim of a dog bite in the past. If this is true, then they will do all they can to avoid dogs in the house or go into strong arguments not to have them around.

In cases like this, you should try to bring your French bulldog closer and convince your partner that French bulldogs are loyal and would not bite. You can help her overcome this fear by constant reassuring.

  • Having a Wrong Notion about Dogs

Many times, people tend to believe what they are told from childhood without trying to verify such claims when they are older. Hence, you have to help debunk any rumor or ill claim that can affect how your partner relates with your dog. 

Here are Some Points to Help You Make Your Partner a Frenchie Lover

  • French Bulldogs are good babysitters

French bulldogs are known for their excellent companionship. They love children a lot. Whenever you come to a home with little children, you’ll notice that their Frenchie likes to lay beside the baby, help the baby stay aware from harmful activities and can take away objects that are likely to injure the baby. Frenchies understand when a baby is crying and can start to make some interesting sounds around, which oftentimes, gets the baby to stop crying and start paying attention. So, they can help you babysit before you come back from a short errand. Everyone tends to need an extra hand sooner or later. You can talk to your partner about this benefit, and this can change their mind and increase their love for your cute Frenchies.

  • A lot of celebrities love French bulldogs

Celebrities are highly influential in the society. Most times, fans tend to start liking what their favorite celebrities love and do. So, maybe finding a celebrity who loves and cherishes French Bulldogs and one that your partner really admires can help him/her to become a Frenchie lover. We previously wrote about 11 Hollywood Celebrities Who Own French Bulldogs. Take a look at that piece, you may find someone that your partner really admires and may be able to persuade them to start loving French Bulldogs.

  • Buy them a French Bulldog as a Gift

Yes, you can get your partner a French bulldog just to make her feel the excitement of having one. As soon as you arouse their interest in French bulldogs, you should buy them one as a gift. Your partner will consider it odd to refuse a gift from you. Then accept it and start taking care of him/her. It is advisable not to take this step unless your partner is already beginning to develop palpable interest in French Bulldog. If you buy them Frenchies before they start developing love for Frenchies, they may have nothing but disdain for it.

  • Go for a Stroll with Them and Take Your Dog Along

The more time they spend time with your French bulldog, the higher the chances of them falling in love with Frenchies. If you want your partner to be a French bulldog lover, then you have to increase the time they spend with your Frenchie when your partners are around. Don’t start by leaving your French bulldog with them alone, it would seem like punishment, first start creating avenues where the three of you spend quality time together, and when they see how you interact with your Frenchie, they may begin to love it. On the other hand, Frenchies are very friendly too, so if they get to spend more time with your partner, they may also develop some form of attachment with them. That way, you are creating a bond between them.

  • French Bulldogs are a Great Companion

You can begin by building trust between your French bulldog and your partner. As soon as this trust is gotten, then your Frenchie can show some attention to your partner. Once your partner has earned their trust, they will follow them any time they are around. Your partner can also cuddle them, and this can create some more bond between them.

French bulldog shows affection by leaving a sloppy kiss on your face. This is the right way of showing that they love and respect you, although you may want to train your French bulldog to reduce this habit so it doesn’t irritate your partner.

  • Lastly, be Slow and Steady

After showing your partner a few benefits of having a French bulldog around, you do not just immediately force them to get one. You could let your partner visit you routinely and experience some of those lovely moments with your French bulldog. This way, they are more likely to get more interested in them.

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