How to Clean Your French Bulldog’s Wrinkles

How to Clean Your French Bulldog’s Wrinkles

French bulldogs usually come in small sizes, but they are generally gifted with adorable temperaments. As their temperaments, also go their wrinkles. All French bulldogs have those cute wrinkles that give them a distinct appearance; making them look more adorable and cute.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your French Bulldog’s Wrinkles?

Having wrinkles come with lots of challenges. This is because wrinkles are usually dark and moist; they are, therefore, the right spot for bacteria to thrive. The longer they are unkempt, the more the chances for them to a source of health hazard to your Frenchie.

How to Clean French Bulldog Wrinkles

When you set out to clean the folds of your French bulldogs, you should try to look out for his eyes too. Ensure they are clean and free of debris. If you check on this frequently, you will be able to avoid any underlying skin infection.

To clean any dark spot from underneath the eyes of your French bulldog, you will have to use an alcohol-free baby wet wipe. You can also use a soft cloth that is damped with warm water. For wrinkles that already harbor dirt, you should use baby soap or a shampoo that will not cause any reaction on their skin.

French bulldogs are known to have sensitive skin; hence the more reason why you have to use a neutral PH for bathing and cleaning their wrinkles. As soon as you are done cleaning, you should ensure that you remove all the moisture in the wrinkle; leaving it moist will make it a breeding place for bacteria.

You can put some Vaseline into the folds immediately after washing. This will inhibit the growth of any bacteria that may want to grow there. The wrinkles and folds must be kept dry because it collects dirt from eating and sometimes snuffling.

When Wrinkles Get Infected

It is a challenging condition to manage when your French bulldog gets infected in its wrinkles. It becomes uncomfortable and painful for your French bulldog. It can also make the face of the dog become disfigured.

There are types of infections that can be on the wrinkles of your French bulldog; sometimes, it comes as an odor, a discharge, redness, or a dry, itchy area. One of your first moves is to inform your vet as soon as you can.

It can be difficult cleaning the painful or infected area. Your French bulldog will experience a level of discomfort here. Also, because the wrinkle is an area that is not easily assessed, it can be challenging to get access to it.

Clip the hair that is around the infected area. You should do this for better access. And just for a routine and the French bulldog’s health, you should clean this place daily.

To heal the infection, your vet will recommend some topical cream or a mild cleaner to get rid of the infection. Usually, creams used for diaper rash can eliminate this infection.

The best time for you to clean your French bulldog’s wrinkles is when he is calm and not hungry; mostly after taking his meal. You have to clean your French bulldog folds as frequently as possible, so it becomes familiar with the process.

And just as mentioned before, you can also use cornstarch if you cannot find petroleum jelly. Apply this using a cotton ball for each of the folds. Just ensure that the cornstarch doesn’t clump as this can lead to further irritation.

Ways to Prevent Wrinkle Infections

You may not believe it, but one of the ways to keep your French bulldog wrinkles out of infection if you control its weight. If your French bulldog becomes greedy, then it is time for you to get some discipline into its eating habit. With just a few pounds increase in weight, it could cause the appearance of several wrinkles.

As a French dog owner, you should know that prevention is the best medicine to keep your French bulldog safe. You should provide proper care for your French bulldog from the beginning. Ensure you feed them when they ought to; do not train them with too much food, so you don’t start looking for ways to let off those extra pounds.

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