How to Care for your French Bulldog Puppy

Getting a French Bulldog pup is an exciting thing that creates long-lasting memories. This is because French Bulldogs, also known as Frenchies are happy pets. My Frenchie is a sweet pie of happiness. But your Frenchies happiness depends on how well you care for them. 


First Step to Take When You Get a French Bulldog Puppy

A Veterinarian tending to a French Bulldog

The first step to take as soon as you get a new Frenchie puppy is to contact an experienced veterinarian for clinical assessment of your French Bulldog, if you didn’t do this at the Breeder’s place - (It is recommended to get a health verification from the Frenchie breeder to ascertain the health status of the dog).   Have the details and emergency lines of a veterinarian clinic and a first aid kit for dogs should also be kept handy, just for the sake of any emergency. (It’s not you wishing for bad luck, it is the same step you take to protect yourself against any unforeseen circumstance, healthwise).

Why You Don’t Want to Miss This First Step

This above step is very crucial because French bulldog puppies are delicate and are prone to a myriad of health challenges, if not well-cared for. So, it is essential to maintain good hygiene at all times.  This goes a long way to improve the quality of life of the pet, so it is advised that your Frenchie pup is kept in a clean and healthy environment.  

Teeth, Nails, Ears, and Your Frenchie’s Coat

French Bulldog Toothbrush Toy and French Bulldog Automatic Nail Trimmer

The dental care of the dog should also be adequately taken care of, the teeth should be brushed regularly with recommended toothpaste. Also, find some French Bulldog Toothbrush Toys for him/her to play with (it makes brushing their teeth fun and stress-free). There should also be proper care for the nails. Get a French Bulldog nail-clips, overgrown nails are unhealthy, and this affects the movement of the dogs especially as they grow older.

Due to their coat-shedding tendency, Frenchie pups should not be bathed regularly. The best approach to maintaining their short and shiny coats is by grooming their skin. This can be done with a soft brush, and a high-quality shampoo should be applied to its coats to keep its natural oils. While grooming, take your time to look for signs of infections such as scabs, lesions, bruises, flaking skin, and bare spots that may be on the skin. If you observe any of these, you need to contact a vet for proper medication. 

Clean the ears of your pup regularly with a damp, warm cloth. Avoid using cotton swabs to clean the inside of the pup’s ears. The flaps and wrinkles should be cleaned and kept dry to prevent infection.  

Your French Bulldog’s Diet

French Bulldog Feeder

You should work closely with a veterinarian to maintain a healthy and balanced diet for the puppy; food supplements such as prepared formula milk for French puppies should assist in this regard. 

Don’t overfeed your Frenchie! to prevent obesity, and there should be close monitoring of the pup for weight loss and gain.  Frenchie puppies are not a big breed of dogs, so they do not require a lot of food; they can be fed with 1 to 11/2 cups of dry food every day separated into two meals. The pup’s age, body size, activity level, and metabolism should be taken into consideration when feeding him.

Maintaining Mental Balance for Your French Bulldog

French Bulldog Toys

Engage your pup in activities that would stimulate his brain. Crate training is a mandatory exercise that every proud owner of a French Bulldog should get their pups involved in. These little guys are curious-minded and they tend to like some brain works. In their quest to find out stuff, they can chew and destroy things within their reach or lying around the house especially when you let them roam freely throughout the house. But crate-training the pup will help you avoid accumulating expensive bills for repairs and replacements for damages caused by the little wildling. To divert their minds off chewing on things, you can get them toys to play with and chew on.

French pups are easy to train and eager to please their owners. They are free thinkers, they tend to have a mind of their own, so they can be stubborn during their training. Don’t be discouraged when they display this attitude. Instead, devise new techniques and also reward them with treats and prizes to achieve success with your pup. If you take good care of your Frenchie Pup, you’ll love this little bundle of joy.

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