How much playtime does my French bulldog need?

How much playtime does my French bulldog need?

Sometimes, we do not realize that playing is as vital to dogs as eating and drinking. Dogs tend to want playtime as much as they want food, especially French bulldogs. They tend to enjoy short play times repeatedly all through the day except in hot weather; they could suffer heat-stroke when exposed to the much hot weather.

French bulldogs, unlike other dogs, are not suited for running a long distance because of the kind of skull they have. There are specific periods that you might have to consider indoor playtime, especially during the extreme weather conditions.


Caring for French bulldogs is entirely different than caring for other dogs. It is mostly because Frenchies are unique, exceptional breeds. This brings us to the question this article ought to answer; how much play does your French bulldog need to be happy?


Just as a quick note; you should know that playtime should be different for your puppy French bulldog and your adult French bulldog. Since playtime is important to both, yet it involves a lot more with your adult French bulldog. Six months old French puppy bulldog should at least have thirty minutes of playtime, twice every day, and it differs from French bulldogs at different ages.


Another key point to note is the fact that you don't create a routine with just one playtime in a day; it should be repeated when it involves this breed! Does it already seem Scary? Like too much work? Well, it isn't. If anything, it should be something to look forward to, a few minutes repeatedly every day is enough to keep your French bulldog happy. All you need to remember is this dog doesn't like to be alone, and it sure doesn't like not playing or exercising.


It would help if you took this into a note, there isn't too much play for your French bulldog, but of course, there can be too little play. I hope you get this. It's more like you cannot have an overdose of playtime with the right kind of exercise with your French bulldog, but it is very much possible that your dog doesn't get to play enough to make them happy.  


It isn't scary or too much work. Remember, you don't have to go outside. You could walk your dog once or twice a day, and the rest of the playtime could be indoors. For the walk, you could take your French bulldog along when going to get coffee or going to a grocery store; you wouldn't just be walking your dog, you would be brightening up people's day; who wouldn't be happy to see a cute looking dog? So, your outside walks could be for about ten to fifteen minutes or just how long it takes you to get to the coffee shop or the grocery store. 

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Is it possible that you could over-walk your dog?  

It is possible, especially with French bulldogs. Remember they aren't wired to run or take long walks, it could make them sick. It would help if you always kept in mind that the weather condition for a walk cannot be too hot or too cold. This is why you have to keep your dog busy with indoor activities. You could also take your French bulldog to a dog park to keep your dog happy. Dogs love to play with other dogs; this might be the best option after a short walk, taking your dog to meet other dogs and to play with them.


When having playtime, you will have to watch out always for any sign of tiredness that your dog may show. Once it looks like the dog is tired, you should consider taking a break. Have your dog's water ready during playtime; it’s essential, just like water is for human during exercise. Indoor playtime in the summer is better off in an air-conditioned room, remember you do not want your dog to get too hot.


Well, I doubt we can say there is a perfect playtime routine to keep your French bulldog happy, but I am quite confident that repeated short playtime is enough to make your dog happy or you know, make a play routine that works perfectly for you and your dog.


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