How Long Do French Bulldogs Live?

How Long Do French Bulldogs Live?


The average lifespan of the French bulldog is 10 years. Classically, it is between 9 to 14 years. Frenchies are adorable to be with, but they come with different and rare health conditions that are pretty troubling and end up shortening their lifespan.

Many of these health conditions that affect the lifespan of the French bulldog also affect their quality of life. Hence if you are considering owning a Frenchie, you should be prepared to cater to its many health difficulties.

Different sources have different ranges for the lifespan of the French bulldog. The American Kennel Club had stated that the life expectancy of the Frenchie is 10-12.

Another survey, although informal, but by the British Kennel Club also recorded an average age of 9 years. But there have been records of Frenchie living up to 15 years.

The 9 to 15 range is quite normal for a dog, but it is small for a small breed dog. Smaller dogs are expected to have a longer lifespan just like the Chihuahua; it has an expectancy of 17 years. This is so because it doesn’t have lots of health concerns like the Frenchie.



Factors that Affect Lifespan of Frenchie

Like it was mentioned above, the many health complications are why the lifespan of the French bulldog is short (more than 14). Every factor that includes stress and anxiety can shorten the life expectancy of your Frenchie.

Sex is another factor that affect the lifespan of the French bulldog with male Frenchie living longer than the females.

The most common health concerns of Frenchie conducted in a recent study are diarrhoea, long nails, and skinfold dermatitis. This same research also showed that more than 12% of these Frenchies eventually come down with upper respiratory tract disorders; their flat face structure usually causes this condition.

Hence it is not recommended to adopt a flat face French bulldog breed. This is because of the chances of having that breathing problem.

Another leading cause of death is that they sometimes are unable to keep a safe body temperature when they are exercising and even in hot weather.

This happens because the Frenchie rely primarily on the mouth and the palate to cool down. But the Frenchies that are flat-faced do not have enough surface area to achieve that. Hence, they die too often from overheating when the weather is hot.

To ensure your Frenchie live considerably longer, you will have to ensure you do some tests before adopting. Most of these health conditions are inherited from parent breeds; hence, you can do little or nothing when they start developing these conditions.


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The standard tests to do for your Frenchie are eye and hip tests. The parents breed the eye test for a likelihood of hereditary cataract, while the hip scoring is done to avoid hip-related issues.

Always speak with your vet doctor about your Frenchie, it will help you mitigate some of the health challenges hence increasing the lifespan of your French bulldog.

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Para aquellos que tienen un bulldog francés, decirles que yo tengo uno que en abril cumple 15 años.


Loved the book and went ahead and bought 2 pups. Hey I’m getting older and can relate to aches and pains but the love and cute wiggle makes my days….

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