Valentine's day is just a couple of days ahead and we think that you are probably one of the too-many out there who are currently at a loss about what to gift your beloved Frenchie with or even yourself. If you fall within this mix, then this post is for you. Keep reading.

Deciding what to get for your best friend on a special day like Valentines Day isn't particularly a very easy task because unlike humans, French Bulldogs communicate in some different ways. So, you ain't exactly helpless when trying to find out what your French Bulldog would like.

We think that the following can help you:

Frenchie Slow Feeding Bowl 

Slow Feeder Bowl


  1. Understand Changes in Eating Habits: Your Frenchie shows you sign that he is hungry, but when you serve him with his favorite, he would seem to have just lost his appetite. This might be an indication that your best friend no longer finds his feeding bowl desirable. You may consider getting him a new feeding bowl.
  1. Understand Destructive Behavior: French Bulldogs are generally very friendly, and they are also great companions at home, it is hard to find them destroying things at home. But this is not an impossibility.

New Frenchie Toys 


When you find your property destroyed by your dog, maybe it's your beautiful pay of shoes, maybe it is your comfy sofa, your belt, etc, it is natural for you to react angrily about such occurrence, but the solutions are not in expressing anger. Instead, you may want to try to understand while your best friend may have acted in such a strange way. It is possible that he is telling you a couple of things. First, it could be that he needs more of similar items of his own. If this is the case, you consider investing more in French Bulldog Toys. Second, it could just be an attention-seeking stunt.

  1. Find Him a Job: If your Frenchie seems always trying to engage himself in some meaning activities, maybe it is high time you found him a job. French Bulldogs can be helpful around the house.

So, if your best friend is the type that exhibits this type of character, consider engaging him. It could be as simple as playing fetch. You may want to buy him some object packs (There are play items like this), and have him retrieve them, over and over again.

Finally, to be a good French Bulldog Mom or Dad, you definitely need to provide certain basic needs of your Frenchie such as Food, Water, and Shelter. But beyond that, you should know some other particular kind of things that your Frenchie would love if you got them, depending on your particular Frenchie's dispositions. If your French Bulldog likes to play, buy more toys, and stuff.

We believe that this piece would be helpful to you in deciding on which direction to look while getting a Gift for your French Bulldog.

Got other exciting Frenchie gift ideas? Share your thoughts below.

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