How Does French Bulldogs Sleep At Night?

How Does French Bulldogs Sleep At Night?

Being a dog owner comes with a lot of responsibilities and it goes from knowing the right time to feed your dog down to the right time to make them sleep. If you own a French bulldog, we are here to enlighten you on some of the sleeping habits of a Frenchie.

Like humans, French bulldogs have some identifiable sleeping habits that will boggle your thoughts.  Let’s answer some thoughtful questions about French bulldog sleeping habits.

  1. How Much Sleep Does your Frenchie Need?

It is quite normal for a French bulldog to take a nap every now and then especially during the day. However, the duration of sleep differs based on whether it is a Frenchie pup or an adult French Bulldog.

For an adult Frenchie, the number of hours spent in bed is between 12 to 14 hours and still feel sleepy while a baby of 10 weeks spends 18 hours in a day.

These may seem to be long hours of sleep especially when you need your buddy to play with but it is advisable that you allow them to have the complete hours of sleep that is necessary. Doing the reverse may have an adverse effect on their health, so enjoy the snore while it lasts.

It is however, not abnormal if you found your Frenchie sleeping a lot lesser than those number of hours in a day. It would largely depend on some differing conditions; health, emotional state, environment, and more.

  1.   How Does your Frenchie Sleep: closed eyes or open eyes?

Another thing to observe is the sleeping pattern of your French Bulldog. It might interest you to know why some French Bulldogs sleep with their eyes closed while others sleep with their eyes open. Research has shown that Frenchies can sleep with their eyes opened, sometimes it may appear that they have their eyes rolled to the back of their heads like they are looking at you while having their smooth ride in bed.

Knowing this will save you a lot of stress from wondering what is wrong with your buddy who is not reacting to your usual play words. Don’t get tto comfortable with this, though. Sometimes, there may be elements of seizures on your Frenchie, which may be causing this kind of sleeping habit. So, if you notice anything strange, be at alert to rescue your Frenchie.

  1.   What happens to the tongue when a French Bulldog is asleep?

If the Frenchie has got a problem with closing its eyes when sleeping, then you should know that its tongue is not left out in the list of weird sleeping habits of a French bulldog.

It tends to hang out its tongue while sleeping which comes with heavy drooling and you know what that means if it happens to spend the night on your bed. It is absolutely normal for the Frenchie to sleep this way but you must ensure that the tongue is put back into its mouth when wakes up in order for it to get moisturised.

You can also make a complaint to a vet doctor to have your Frenchie properly examined against jaw injury or hanging tongue syndrome. Early detection will help prevent this syndrome as soon as practicable.

  1.   Does Frenchie Breathe Properly While Sleeping?

Due to its short muzzle and narrow nostrils, breathing can be a bit difficult for the Frenchie while sleeping. It breathes rapidly due to the restricted airwaves. It is important that you monitor its breathing habit in case of any changes and do well to contact your vet doctor if you notice anything.

  1.   Does your Frenchie Show Other Bad Sleeping Symptoms?

We know that a Frenchie loves sleeping more than anything else but it is very important for you to be able to detect odd habits that are not normal in your Frenchie such as:

-          Being awake for more than 10 hours in a day when it is supposed to be sleeping.

-          Being awake at (all) night when it should be sleeping.

-          Very difficult to awaken them after long hours of sleep.  

These symptoms could be as a result of numerous health conditions such as canine depression, cancer, sleep apnea due to obesity, hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalance, etc. Whatever the case, it is important that you are aware of your Frenchie’s condition and act accordingly when it is necessary.

French bulldogs have over the years become man’s best companion and it is imperative that you should be aware of the basic sleeping habits that are associated with the French bulldog so that you don’t feel disappointed or uncomfortable when it is not in the mood to go catch the ball. Sleeping with the eyes open does not mean that it is awake, it is advisable that you let it have its beauty sleep when nature comes calling.

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