French Bulldog Drooling

French Bulldog Drooling

French Bulldogs are amazing pets that bring joy to everyone's lives. All dogs drool occasionally but for Frenchies, drool is a fact of life!

In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why do French Bulldogs drool a lot and some valuable tips for it. Let's get started:


It’s perfectly normal for French Bulldogs to drool. And these guys do it a lot!

Drooling is simply spilling saliva that has accumulated in the Frenchie's mouth and it runs out between the lips. French Bulldogs often drool at predictable times including mealtime or while they are sleeping.

French Bulldogs have short muzzles and their saliva collects in their cheeks and then is released when they shake their heads. Frenchies are also likely to drool when eating or after drinking water for the same reason.

Why is my French Bulldog drooling?

Excessive drooling in French Bulldogs is something that needs to be looked into.

  • Over-exertion
  • This overexertion can cause your French Bulldog to breathe heavily, making their saliva look very frothy. French Bulldogs will pant after any physical exertion to try to cool off. The excessive production of saliva falls out as drool.

  • Excitement and food
  • Saliva is produced in French Bulldog's mouth before, during, and after they eat their meal. So, whenever a Frenchie is hungry and eats with excitement, they’re going to drool. 

  • The shape of their jaw
  • French Bulldogs are brachycephalic dogs with a flatter face and many thick folds covering their mouth. The shape of their jaw makes it much more difficult to hold saliva in their mouth, and that's why they drool effortlessly.

    French bulldogs usually breathe through their mouths while they are asleep. That's why they also tend to drool in their sleep.  

  • Heatstroke
  • It is great to get out of the house and exercise with your French bulldog.When your dog is overheated, their body cools down by drooling. So, overheating is a possible cause of drooling in French bulldogs. Running around and playing in hot weather makes your Frenchie vulnerable to overheating and heat stroke.

  • Throat/mouth disease and tooth decay
  • Any mouth or throat problems of your French bulldog might cause drooling. Mouth and throat infections make them struggle to swallow the saliva so it’s held in their mouth until it drips out. Similarly, if tartar is building up inside your French bulldog's mouth, it can cause your pet to drool excessively.

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Excessive drooling can absolutely be a sign of stress or anxiety in French bulldogs. Many Frenchies tend to drool when they’re nervous. Also, separation anxiety and uncomfortable situations can cause them to drool a bit more than usual. 

  • Poisonous or toxic foods
  • When a Frenchie ingests any toxic food, it might start to drool. These poisonous things include some plants and household chemicals. You should know what your Frenchie is eating as there are many types of foods and plants that can cause them to drool. Do your research before feeding your French bulldog foods you’re not sure about.

  • Mouth injuries
  • Mouth injuries can be a cause of excessive drooling in French bulldogs. When a French bulldog's mouth is injured, they will produce more saliva to help heal the damage. 

  • Stomach problems
  • If your French bulldog eats something very difficult to digest, it produces saliva in response. This may lead to excessive drooling in French bulldogs. Stomach problems might be due to overeating or eating something bad. 

  • Organ disease
  • Some liver and kidney diseases in French bulldogs can cause bad cases of hypersalivation. Your fur buddy is likely to drool excessively if they’re suffering from any organ disease.

    Special consideration: Drooling increases the chance of skin problems on your Frenchie's face. Check with your vet if drooling causes skin problems for your French Bulldog.

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    7 amazing tips on French Bulldog drooling

    While there is no way to stop a French Bulldog from drooling, there are a few things you can do to keep it from becoming a problem.


    • Try to keep your French Bulldog out of situations that they are not comfortable in. Make them feel safe, give some extra love and attention, or give them treats to reduce stress/ anxiety.
    • Don’t leave your French Bulldog out in the sun in hot weather. During hot sunny days, be sure to keep your French Bulldog cool by providing a good amount of shade. Keep your pooch hydrated and don't allow them to run about too much.
    • It's important to examine your Frenchie's teeth for tartar build-up, tooth decay, or swelling of gums.
    • To prevent mouth injuries, stop your French Bulldog from chewing on anything sharp or something that could split. Only allow your furry child to chew on things that you know are safe.
    • Take care of your French Bulldog's overall oral hygiene and brush their teeth more often. This will help to decrease the drooling levels in Frenchies.
    • Prevent hunger and food excitement. When the French Bulldogs are hungry or excited about food, they might start drooling to lubricate the mouth to aid in eating. Don't leave them hungry for too long. Try to feed them small amounts of food regularly so they don’t get hungry or over excited for food.
    • Keep all toxic products away from your French Bulldog’s reach. You must ensure that you don’t have plants in your home that may poison your Frenchie.

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    Final thoughts on French Bulldog drooling

    Despite all the drooling, French Bulldogs are lovable and make amazing pets. 

    However, if your dog has suddenly started drooling excessively, and you can’t figure out the reason, you should act quickly and take your dog to the vet.

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