At What Age Should I Adopt a French Bulldog Puppy?

At What Age Should I Adopt a French Bulldog Puppy?

French bulldogs are tender and will require all of the care that you can provide for them. At a tender age, they will need all the medical attention and professional care they can get. This will keep them healthy until they can stay with anyone who adopts them.

The French bulldog is adorable, and there is the temptation to take them home as soon as you can. But there is a required age to adopt a puppy, especially for legal reasons. The best age for you to adopt a Frenchie is eight weeks. Anytime you take them after the 8th week is okay because by then, they must have gone past the weaning age.

Adopting a French bulldog before the 8th week will line you up for many discomfort and troubles, especially for the dog. Quite alright, you will get a few troubles, but the dog will experience some feeding and health difficulties that it might suffer for the rest of its life.

Here are some reasons why you have to wait for the 8th week before adopting your Frenchie

They are not ready to leave their mother.

When they are born until their 8th week, they have a lot of learning processes they have to go through, which will help improve their health. This age is quite crucial because it will determine most of the things that happen in the future. This is the stage where they learn just everything about French bulldog activities.

Much easier health challenges

If your French bulldog is bred by a professional, you have nothing to worry about as they will ensure all vaccines and health supplements are given to your Frenchie before they are adopted. French bulldogs are known to have many medical issues, and the signs and symptoms of these illnesses can be identified at a very young age. If these diseases are not well addressed, at this tender age, it will affect their quality of life.

Getting your French bulldog before the 8th week will mean that its vaccinations won’t be complete and then increased chances of developing a disease later.

Young Frenchies are not very easy to train.

It is quite challenging to train French bulldogs below the age of 8 weeks. But when you have a French bulldog that is eight weeks and over, it gives you ample age to train and influence the dog in any way that you want.

French bulldogs are stubborn dogs, but with the training from the right age (8th weeks), you are likely to get the best results.

Other pets will readily accept young French bulldog.

If you have other pets in the house, you should ensure that you adopt your French bulldog in the 8th week and not older. When you adopt at any age older, it may lead to competition, and you do not want your two pets to be longer heads.

In the 8th week, your French bulldog is young and ready to adapt, and it will be readily accepted into the house by other pets in the house.

Socializing with your young Frenchie will be much fun at this age

Imagine getting along with an 8th-week Frenchie, the fun is intoxicating. However, it comes with some trouble, especially the poop and pee, which usually happens at that tender age; but at this age, they are happy, energetic, adventurous, and inquisitive and you will like being around them.

This is time you should socialize with your puppy and make them happy. And the sooner you begin to play with them, move around with them and show them the house, the better for you. Also, you may want to consider having more than one French bulldog; it will keep them together and make them enjoy having a brother at a young age.

If you have French bulldog before the age of 8 weeks, you will have so many sleepless nights, and this will not be good for you if you have a full-time job. Catering for a French bulldog after the 8th week is still much work, not to talk of when it is below the age.

Ensure you do not get so much in a hurry that you adopt a Frenchie younger than the 8th week, you may not enjoy them around at that early age.


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