8 First-Time Dog Owner Mistakes That You Should Avoid

8 First-Time Dog Owner Mistakes That You Should Avoid

It’s normal to not know everything when you become a new French bulldog owner. There is a lot of information to consume. You’re probably overwhelmed with choices for your new pet. What are the signs of a good breeder? How do you house train your puppy and can I train my dog myself? These are just a few things you should take into consideration. I’ve compiled some advice from both professional trainers and other French bulldog owners that can help you along the way! Here is some first-time dog owner mistake you should avoid.

Don’t get a Frenchie if you are not ready

Getting a French bulldog before you're ready is a mistake. French bulldogs are great companions, and they can be the best part of your life. But you need to be ready for that kind of commitment.

If you're not ready to make the time commitment, then you shouldn't get a French bulldog. The most important thing for any pet owner is making sure that their pet has enough attention and care. If your schedule is too busy or if your living situation doesn't allow for dogs, then it's probably not the right time for you to get one.

Know how to house-train your Frenchie

The first step in house training is to create a plan. If you don't do this, you may end up with a dog that has a hard time using the bathroom outside. It will be difficult for you to teach your dog to use the bathroom outdoors if you don't have a plan. Dogs are creatures of habit, and they will want to go where they've always gone before.

You should also make sure that your house is safe for your new pet when it comes to accidents. You don't want your dog to get hurt after an accident by slipping on something wet or stepping on broken glass while trying to get outside quickly. You can also take help from professionals to house-train your Frenchie.


Overfeeding your French bulldog is a big mistake that new dog owners make. It's easy to understand why: you want to keep your new friend happy and healthy, so you give them more than they need. But overfeeding can cause serious health problems for your dog, including obesity, diabetes, pancreatitis, and even heart disease. It can also lead to behavioral issues like begging for food or stealing food from other pets or people.

Not socializing your pup

Not properly socializing your French bulldog is a big mistake that new dog owners make. It's easy to get carried away with the excitement of having a new puppy and forget to take the time to bond with them and teach them how to interact with other people and animals.

Socialization is important because it helps your Frenchie learn how to deal with different situations and people, which will make them more comfortable around the world. This will help them adjust well in a new home, or if they're adopted by someone else after you've moved out.

Not grooming your pup

Grooming your French bulldog is a great way to bond with them, but it can also help keep their health in check. If you do not get them used to grooming from a young age, it can make the process more stressful for both of you. It's important to get them used to brushing, nail trimming, and teeth cleaning so that they are comfortable with these things from an early age.

If you're looking for a dog nail trimmer that offers everything you need in one package, look no further.

The automatic nail trimmer for Frenchie offers a comfortable grip and safety guard to prevent injury so that you can get the job done with minimal fuss.

Not giving them enough exercise

Not giving your French bulldog enough exercise is the main mistake that new dog owners make. If you get a French bulldog and don't take them out on a walk every day, they'll start to get bored and find ways to entertain themselves. Unfortunately, this usually involves destroying your things in the house.

French bulldogs need about 30 minutes of exercise every day; if you're going to be away from home for longer than that period of time, consider hiring a dog walker or asking friends or family members who live near your home if they can take your pup out for some exercise time while you're away from home.

Not taking them to vets

Forgetting to get your pet's annual check-up is another big mistake. When you forget your Frenchies annual check-up, you are missing out on a lot of important information about their health and well-being. Your veterinarian can tell you if there are any health issues that need to be addressed, and they may also be able to give you tips on how to keep your pet happy and healthy for years to come.

If your Frenchie needs any medication or care that requires special instructions, then it is important for them to receive that information from the doctor so they don't miss out on anything important.

Not preparing yourself for emergencies

It's important to always prepare yourself for emergencies when you have a French bulldog. A good first step is to make sure your dog is wearing a collar with an ID tag at all times. If your Frenchie gets lost, this tag will help get them back home.

In addition to keeping a collar on your pup, it's also important to keep some essentials on hand. You should have a leash and extra water bowls in case the worst happens and your dog gets out of the house while you're at work or out of town.


If you are considering getting a French bulldog as a first-time dog owner, you should invest time in research and preparation both before and after bringing your new furry friend home. If you take the time to educate yourself ahead of time, ask all of the right questions when interviewing breeders and shelters, and prepare your home for your new pal, the chances that you will find a lifelong companion in your new dog will be greatly increased.

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