7 Ways to Calm Your French bulldog Anxiety

7 Ways to Calm Your French bulldog Anxiety

Do you have a French bulldog? If you do, they likely experience a range of emotions which can include stress, fear, and anxiety. Anxiety is not uncommon for French bulldogs in the same way that it isn't uncommon in humans. Different dogs deal with anxiety differently, from panting to pacing or being aggressive, but there are ways we can help calm our anxious Frenchies. Here are the top 7 ways to calm your French bulldog anxiety.

By Petting Your Pup

If your French bulldog is anxious, there are a few things you can do to help them feel better. One way to help calm your dog's anxiety is by giving them physical contact.

When you touch your French bulldog, he feels secure and loved because he knows that you’re there for him. This can help him relax so he doesn't feel as vulnerable or scared when he's around other people or animals. The more often you touch him, the more likely he'll respond positively when someone else tries to touch him too!


Exercise can help in calming anxiety in French bulldogs. Frenchies that are excessively anxious can often benefit from exercise. Exercise will release endorphins in your dog's body, which can help them to feel more relaxed and happy. If you are having trouble finding ways to get your Frenchie to exercise, try incorporating it into their routine by walking them more often or taking them on longer walks than usual. If you know that there is going to be a situation where your dog might get anxious (such as going to the vet), make sure that you give them plenty of time to stretch out and run around before getting ready for the appointment.

There are tons of different kinds of exercise that can help your pup relax, including walking around the neighborhood, playing fetch in the house or yard, or even just running around after a ball or toy! Just keep an eye on how much exercise they're getting and make sure they don't overdo it—they might want more than you think!


Yes, desensitization is a great way to help your dog cope with anxiety. One of the best ways to do this is by exposing them to things that make them anxious—but in a controlled environment and under your supervision. You can start by having someone hold your French bulldog while you introduce a new object or person (or whatever else makes them anxious). Then, as they get more comfortable, you can start moving further away from them until they're comfortable with being left alone.

Provide safe space

When it comes to calming your French bulldog's anxiety, providing a safe space is key. Just like humans, dogs experience anxiety. In the worst cases, they can develop a phobia of certain things or places that they associate with their anxiety. This can be anything from the sound of a vacuum cleaner to the sight of a particular person.

To calm your French bulldog's anxiety, you'll need to first identify what triggers their anxiety and then work with them on creating a safe environment where they can relax without being worried about those triggers.

If your Frenchie has developed a phobia of something specific (like the vacuum), you'll want to try using treats and positive reinforcement to help them associate that object with positive experiences instead of negative ones. You can also try desensitization therapy by exposing your dog to the object in question and rewarding them for staying calm around it.

If you are searching for a safe space for your French bulldog then this Bella bed for French bulldogs is the best choice.

It provides a get comfort to your pup and they can feel warm and comfortable in it. When your pup is feeling anxious it can act as a safe space for him.


Music can be a great help in calming your French bulldog's anxiety. It has been shown to have a positive effect on stress levels, which is often the root cause of your dog's anxiety.

Music therapy has been used in hospitals and nursing homes for years. The theory behind it is that music can be used to relax or stimulate people, depending on the type of music they listen to.

It's not just humans who benefit from listening to music; pets can experience similar effects. A study published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior showed that dogs exposed to classical music were more relaxed than those who were not exposed to any music at all.

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Toys can help your dog with his anxiety. French bulldogs are social creatures, and they rely on their owners for comfort and support. If you are not available for them, it can be overwhelming for them to deal with it on their own. This is why playing with your Frenchie helps in calming him down from anxiety. There are many toys available in the market today that help in calming your dog’s anxiety. Some of the best toys for calming your dog include:

Suction Frenchie tug toy is one of the best toys for those dogs that get anxious quickly and have a habit of chewing.

It not only helps in modifying your dog's behaviors but also keeps them busy for a long time. It can be easily attached to the wall or floor.


Calming supplements are an effective way to help your French bulldog deal with anxiety. There are a number of different calming supplements available, but they all work in a similar way to reduce stress and anxiety in your dog. The most common calming supplements are called anxiolytics, or "anti-anxiety" medications. These are typically prescribed by veterinarians for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety, thunderstorm phobia, or other types of anxiety that can cause them to become destructive or disruptive when left alone.

Some owners may choose not to use these medications at all, but if you're unsure about how to deal with your own dog's anxiety, it's best to consult with a vet before trying any sort of supplement without professional guidance first.


If your French bulldog is anxious, it's important to find ways to calm down your dog and reduce anxiety. There's no need for you to put their well-being in jeopardy. Seek professional advice if necessary and begin helping your dog get back that happy and healthy life they once had.

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