Dogs, just like humans, experience several types of emotions; happiness, sadness, and even depression. Generally, French Bulldogs always appear to have a sad look, so it is your job as the owner to look out for signs of real sadness in the dog. Excusing this with their constant sad expression might cause the dog to suffer from long periods of grief.

Unlike us, dogs can’t say that they are anxious or depressed, so these feelings linger, causing the dogs pains which would have been prevented by a better observation. This is especially true with French Bulldogs who unfortunately don’t have a very expressive facial expression.

Usually, French Bulldogs get depressed for a couple of reasons; loss of a companion, separation of family, it could also be because they are having a hard time with environmental changes or due to separation from a familiar environment. Perhaps, they have gone through a significant trauma or have a terrible injury. Generally, French bulldogs do not experience depression for a long time, though, it could take longer than expected sometimes. Be that as it may, it is crucial that you take note of the several signs that your French bulldog shows that could be interpreted as depression or sadness. 



If you haven’t been observing your dog’s attitude before now, this may require you to start doing so as this will be the only way to keep track of changes in their behavior.



  1. Fearful Hiding: Your French bulldog might begin to cringe, fidget, or stay away from you whenever he or she is sad or depressed. These are most likely the first signs with most Frenchies. French bulldog depression will mostly play out with your French bulldog hiding as a result of fear. This is not different from the usual dog’s response to confusion, stress, or going through a life-changing situation that the dog finds discomforting. These are also some other reasons that may cause your Frenchie to go into hiding.

However, the most straightforward reason could be a change in a familiar environment like moving to a new home, having strange individuals around the house, or changes in their routine. Usually, the French bulldog will seek out a small and dark place to hide in when they are experiencing depression, fright, sadness, and stress. 


  1. Emotional Indifference: This is one effortless way to get to know your French bulldog is sad and depressed. If you leave your French bulldog alone for a long while, they could suffer from separation anxiety, and this happens because they are social companion dogs, and usually very attached to humans.


  1. Excessive Licking: Your French bulldog will lick himself or herself as though they had a wound when they are sad. This licking is another indication of sadness. When your French bulldog excessively licks itself, it could mean that the dog is depressed, and by licking, it is trying to soothe itself, so it feels better. Start today to monitor the amount of time your dog spends on licking. If the licking is excessive, it could mean something else.


  1. Show of Destructive Behavior: Your French bulldog may begin to show signs of destructiveness when they are sad and depressed. You would notice an unusual increase in activities, especially destructive activities. There could be a lot of biting and chewing; usually, it is the French bulldog’s way of getting your attention. It could be that the dog wants you to notice that they are unhappy or depressed. In other cases, it is due to fear or anxiety. Usually, this show of destructiveness combines with a refusal to respond to or obey commands.


  1. Digging: Ordinarily, some dogs like to dig the earth like they buried something under the ground. When the frequency of the digging increases, it might mean something else than mere fun for them. It could be a way they try to preoccupy themselves and escape an annoying sad or depressed state. This is one of the undeniable signs that show that your dog is upset or depressed.


  1. Less Playful: You will also notice a reduced interest in the dog’s fun activities. When your French bulldog is sad, he or she may stop doing the things that they find exciting or fulfilling, some things like playing with toys or going for a walk with you, being at your side, or a general loss of interest in doing anything.


  1. Aggressiveness: Sometimes, when a Frenchie is sad or depressed, it can push them to be aggressive. Your dog might want its own space, and it’s possible that it will growl at anything and everything or act aggressively towards anyone that tries to come close. This aggression is in reaction to their emotional state. 

Whenever your French bulldog shows any of these signs; they may be sad or depressed and need urgent attention.

How French Bulldogs exhibit signs of depression are not typical, which means that what you noticed in Frenchie A while they were depressed might not be the same with Frenchie B. It all depends of the personality disposition of a French Bulldog. What is more important is for you to be able to detect when your French Bulldog has started acting in an unusual manner and discern the cause and follow it accordingly.

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Hi I have a 4 year old male Frenchie Gucci and he has been showing signs of everything displayed in the readings and I’m trying to get some ideas on how to fix this immediately it didn’t give any answers and it’s hurting me to see him like this and he’s never displayed any of this behavior before


Hi i have a 4 year old Male Frenchie since his birth,after a 13 year relationship with my partner, sadly she developed serious mental health problems and we had to separate as she went into hospital, that was 6 weeks ago, but i live alone and my house is isolated, he has been here every other week for a week and he loves it,but he keeps hiding, sitting on the back of the sofa not playing with his favourite toys, he does eat and drink,but he’s depressed alot of the time,turns his back on me,he does love ladies, he is happy to go a walk but on returning he quickly goes sad,open to suggestion please.


Interesting read thanks for posting it. My neighbour had a little girl who would play with my Frenchie while I was as work when they moved stevie ( my Frenchie) was sad for about a week 😢

Pauline carroll

Hi we have a 4year old frenchie. She was a rescue when she was 2. She is now happy and confident . However,she will not play with toys. Kong, soft,balls, ropes etc. She will only have a yak chew or a Nylobone for a while. She loves chasing bubbles though,but that is for decent weather. I worry when she seems bored. Any suggestions please?


I’ve only had my little girl just over a year she came to me after she was used for breeding she was very ill with ear infections she has allergies also she had infection in her uterus now she is a very happy little girl as she knows how much she is loved and you are right about watching them as I am learning all the time about how upset she can get over things and ensuring that she knows I’m there for her in every way possible and that she is loved very much and I watch her expressions on her face as she will let me know what kind of mood she is in


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