7 Hidden BENEFITS of Coconut Oil to French Bulldogs

7 Hidden BENEFITS of Coconut Oil to French Bulldogs

Coconut oil has a very high level of saturated fats. Saturated fat is a healthy fat that helps in weight loss. It also aids the immune system, digestive system, thyroid health and a lot more.  In this article, I’ll be revealing some hidden benefits of Coconut Oil no one has probably ever told you about before.

First off, it is important I note early enough that if you intend to use Coconut oil on your Frenchie, it is better to keep the use of coconut oil in your Frenchie at a moderate range. 'Too much of everything is bad.' Best to start with around a quarter of a teaspoon and increase the quantity, gradually.

Some of the BENEFITS of Coconut Oil to Your French Bulldog:

  1. Boost Immune System: Coconut oil contains some lauric and caprylic acids, which are antiviral. They help your dog combat some common Frenchie ailments and boost their immune system, so your Frenchie will rarely fall ill.

  1. Helps the Digestive System: Absorbing some food nutrients are difficult for Frenchies, but with Coconut oil, your Frenchie will have easy food absorption and smoother digestive process. Also, if your dog has colitis or irritable bowel syndrome, Coconut oil will also help to relieve that.

  1. Fresh and Healthy Skin: Coconut Oil can help your Frenchie heal from some sorts of skin problems such as eczema, and hot spots. Also, if your Frenchie has yeast or fungal infections, crusty noses and stings, as well as dry skin, coconut oil provides a very effective solution to them.

  1. Lovely Coat: To keep your Frenchie’s coat sleek and glossy, apply coconut oil to his fur. Adding coconut oil to their diet also helps to improve the look of their coat.

  1. Weight Loss: Frenchies take a lot of food that makes them gain weight easily, also coupled with the fact that Frenchies do not undertake too much exercise. So, in order to help your Frenchie not to get over-weight, one of the things you can do is to add coconut oil to their diet as well. It helps them lose a little bit of weight. Note that this is rather a very gradual process of weight loss, it's not going to happen overnight.

  1. Heal Wounds and Cuts: You can apply coconut oil to small wounds and cuts to help them heal. It acts as antiviral and anti-fungal, which means it is a good option for small wounds. To keep them from licking it and let the oil completely absorb, you can put them in a doggie sweater or cover the wound for a while.

  1. Brain Improvement: As dogs grow old, their physical faculties aren’t the only things undergoing changes. Dogs will also lose the mental acuity of their youth; their mental faculties can diminish just as ours do. Just as coconut oil can slow dementia in humans, it can also help keep dogs bright and sharp in the head.

So, there you go, the "7 Hidden BENEFITS of Coconut Oil to French Bulldogs." Think we left out something vital? Let us know in the comment box below.

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I’ve only been able to get coconut oil in a block, do I have to melt some. Thank you

Janet Reid

Just get a 100% coconut oil either refined or unrefined. Get an organic one. I don’t think brand really matters

Guys it’s not rocket science

What kind of coconut oil???

Alicia Campbell

Can we use any type of coconut oil?? & whats dosage???


I have been giving my frenchies organic coconut oil every morning since they where pups. One of my frenchies Tommy was very ill when I got him, the vet didn’t think he would survive. He had digestive problems, bald patches you name it He had it. Now he looks a picture of health the vet can’t believe it every time she sees him. My other frenchie Annie gets hot spots. I rub the coconut oil on it and it helps.

Susanne Slaven

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