50 Most Popular French Bulldog Names

50 Most Popular French Bulldog Names

French bulldogs are smart and very likable. They can adapt to just about any environment they find themselves in. All these are because of its sweet and playful personality. French bulldogs are quite the talk for most celebrities. Hence if you are looking for a great name for your Frenchie, we had gathered the best 50 most popular names for French bulldogs in 2020.

Trends For The Names

When you are choosing a name for your Frenchie, a few things will affect it. You will have to assess its temperament, style and look to know how exactly the name fits. Bentley, Otis, and Winston are trendy male names you can attach to your Frenchie anytime, especially when they are masculine and run all over the place. Penelope or Ruby are also excellent names for female Frenchie.

Our Suggestions

You should not have any difficulty selecting a name because French bulldog names usually come from an idea. Nothing, in particular, is the right inspiration to get a name for your Frenchie. So just about anything can be your inspiration.

This means that you can give your French bulldogs names of a movie character or a famous soccer player.

When giving names to your French bulldog, ensure the names sound different from basic home commands like sit, stand and come, jump. The confusion should not be there so it can learn fast what is expected of him.

What matters at the end is for you to enjoy calling that name. If it pays off, you naming the dog after a relative you love so much is also cool. Since your Frenchie will need a lot of care and attention, it is important not to name the dog after anyone you don’t like.

Top 10 Male French Bulldog Names:

  1.     Bentley
  2.     Louie
  3.     Oliver
  4.     Max
  5.     Rocky
  6.     Bruno
  7.     Frankie
  8.     Gus
  9.     Milo
  10. Winston

Top 10 Female French Bulldog Names:

  1.     Chloe
  2.     Lola
  3.     Stella
  4.     Coco
  5.     Bailey
  6.     Olive
  7.     Lucy
  8.     Zoe
  9.     Luna
  10.  Bella

Top 10 Black Dog Names:

  1.     Rover
  2.     Jet
  3.     Soot
  4.     Onyx
  5.     Ask
  6.     Ink
  7.     Witch
  8.     Cinder
  9.     Inky
  10. Mazy

Top 10 Romantic Dog Names:

  1.     Tara
  2.     Willow
  3.     Harry
  4.     Sally
  5.     Napoleon
  6.     Fred
  7.     Ginger
  8.     Mickey
  9.     Minnie
  10. Nora

Top 10 Funny Dog Names:

  1.     Pup Tart
  2.     Snoop Dog
  3.     Jimmy Chew
  4.     Kanye Westie
  5.     Bark Twain
  6.     Groucho Barks
  7.     Mary Poppins
  8.     Dogzilla
  9.     Rambo
  10. Eggy

Why You Need to Name your French Bulldog

Names are quite important; it helps to create this attachment for you and your French bulldog. Hence, you have to carefully choose your Frenchie’s name to create the best memory you want of them.

How to Get Inspiration for a Frenchies Name

Loved one; since your dog continually needs love and care, you should ensure you name them after someone you love to see or hear from. Names draw a lot of emotions with them, and it can be a way of setting a reminder about someone you care about.

Places you’ve been to, traveling is a pleasurable activity, and when you visit a city, you will love to keep its memories, and then you should consider giving that to your French bulldog. It is one of the perfect ways to getting the best name for your Frenchie.

You get a name idea from your favorite character. Have you seen a movie recently and love any of the characters? Then you can use your French bulldog as a constant reminder of what that character looks like, his experience, and the emotions that keep you attached to him.

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Our frenchie we named him spud , he was the runt of the litter (so tiny) he was like a small potato when we picked him up ,bless him , his name is perfect 🐶❤️


Our little grey Frenchie (he was the runt and it appears he will remain small) is named Loki. We took awhile to name him as we got to know him. The last two names were Harvey (as in Harvey the rabbit) and Loki (Norse god of mischief). Loki he is!


My large white and fawn Frenchie was a people lover. He connected with lots of neighbors on our daily walks. He was tall and very well proportioned. Most people thought him strikingly handsome.


I have a Blue and Tan boy I named Thaddeus. I just got a Blue Merle girl and I named her Emmaline. I like old time names. Different then anyone else!!


My daughter wanted a name that would fit in with Harry Potter, so we ended up with Sir Finneas Figg or Finn for short


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