5 Reasons Why Do French bulldog Lick Their Paws?

5 Reasons Why Do French bulldog Lick Their Paws?

Why do French bulldogs lick their paws? If you're a French bulldog owner, you've probably witnessed your dog doing this at one point or another. Most people brush over this common question with a simple “because dogs do that”. But if you've ever actually thought about it, you might have realized that it's not as easy as it seems. French bulldogs lick their paws for various reasons. And the answers can be just as interesting as the question itself. While French bulldog paw licking on its own isn't a cause for concern, it's best to ensure that the behavior isn't caused by an underlying health issue. Here we will amplify the reasons why French bulldogs lick their paws and the possible causes behind it.


A French bulldog's tongue is an incredibly important part of his grooming routine. It helps them take care of their fur, clean their ears, and even get rid of debris that has found its way into their paws.

French bulldogs will lick their paws as part of this grooming process, especially when they are trying to get out dirt or other grime from between their toes. They may also lick their paws after walking through water or wet grass, as well as when they have just been outside in general.

Food allergies

French bulldogs lick their paws, or any part of their body, for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are related to food allergies.

Frenchies can be allergic to almost anything, including common foods like beef, chicken, and dairy products. However, some more exotic allergens can cause your dog to have an allergic reaction. These include corn, soy, wheat, and yeast.

If your pup has been diagnosed with food allergies and is experiencing paw licking due to this allergy, then you may want to try switching his diet to one that is free from ingredients that he might be allergic to such as gluten or soybean oil.

Skin irritation

A French bulldog's paw pads are made of skin, so you can imagine that they can get chapped if the dog is walking on rough surfaces or if the weather is especially dry. The main reason why dogs lick their paws is that it feels good! When your Frenchie licks his or her paws, it removes dead skin cells and helps keep the paws moisturized.

French bulldog licks their paws to soothe themselves, but they also do it because they are feeling some sort of discomfort or pain somewhere on their body. Skin irritation is one of the most common reasons for this behavior, but there are other causes as well.

If you think your French bulldog licks his paws more than usual, it's important to schedule an appointment with your vet. Your dog might be suffering from an infection or other health issue that requires immediate attention.

Anxiety or boredom

French bulldogs can also lick their paws when they're anxious or stressed out. If you notice that your pup is starting to lick his paws, it may be an indicator that they are nervous about something in his environment. They also do this when they are left alone for a long time.

If your pup has separation anxiety and continually licks one or both paws while you're away from home, they could be trying to comfort themselves while they wait for you to return. It may be helpful to leave your dog with some toys or treats that they can play with while you're gone so they have something else to occupy their minds while waiting for you to come home again!

Parasitic infestation

French bulldogs lick their paws due to parasitic infestation. This is a common symptom of fleas, ticks, mites, and lice. The parasites feed on the animal's blood, causing irritation and discomfort. As a result, the dog will chew on its paws. If left untreated, this can lead to infections or even death in extreme cases.

How to stop your Frenchie from this paw-licking behavior?

Paw licking is a fairly common behavior in French bulldogs, but it can be frustrating to watch your pup do it. If you're worried about what might be causing your dog's paw licking, there are several things you can do to help curb the behavior. Here are some tips for how to stop your Frenchie from paw-licking:

Pay attention to your dog's daily routine paw licking is often linked with stress or anxiety, so try to figure out what's causing any changes in your dog's behavior. For example, if your dog starts rubbing his paws against the carpet after you go on vacation then leave him with a pet sitter.

Give them toys or bones that they can chew on instead of their paws. This will give them something else to focus on, and it will also help clean their teeth while they're at it! An IQ treat ball is an interactive treat toy. It not only give treat but also engages your pups for a long so they don’t indulge in bad behaviors.

In case of food allergies immediately change our French bulldog food and consult your vet. If your pet has any bacterial or fungal infection then antibiotics are the best option.

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Clean your French bulldog paws whenever they come from outside. This is because the grass and other things that are outside can contain bacteria that could potentially cause infections. Cleaning your dog's paws regularly can help prevent any issues. French bulldog paw cleaner will help you clean your paw pup very easily.

The gentle silicone brush removes the dirt from the paw and the washing cup performs thorough cleansing.


There are a variety of reasons why French bulldogs lick their paws, but most can be prevented. Some are medical and some are behavioral, while others simply stem from boredom or anxiety. But the good news is that you can help your dog lick less by identifying the source of his paw-licking and finding an appropriate way to address it.


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My French bulldog has been licking the top of this feet for a few weeks now, just the top of then,they give you remedies to use,but I am leary to use them,so I think I will get him in to see his vet,and I think it’s the safest way to go

Pat Pella

I’ve checked my frenchies paws they look very clean but look red. He’s always licking them.


Yes I need help with this my frenchie has been licking his paws more than normal

Joanie M Brown

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