5 Pro Tips to Train a Frenchie

5 Pro Tips to Train a Frenchie


Despite being known as affectionate and playful, French bulldogs can be very stubborn. Hence there are some tips you should follow to train a Frenchie. All these tips will help you be Sensitive to your Frenchie.

Before you start training your French Bulldog, you have to understand the breed and what motivates them. Don't just read all the articles online, pay close attention to your dog and see what makes them tick personally.

  1.     Focus on One Thing at a Time

While nursing the desire to train a Frenchie, use distinctive verbal commands. The words you use should be sharp and attention grabbing. This will help the both of you understand each other. And although it is possible for a Frenchie puppy to be trained to do different things, this training needs to be done one after the other.

  1.     Use Treats Wisely

French Bulldogs are super emotional and may become sad after scolding them; do not fall for this, allow them naturally get over the scolding. Use treats only when they do excellently well.

Using treats makes training more enjoyable for your Frenchie and it pushes them to try better so that they can get rewarded. However. French Bulldogs put on weight easily, so training treats should be small.

  1.     Do Not Hit Your Frenchie

It is absolutely wrong to correct your dog behavior by hitting them. Doing so will only damage your dog’s trust in you and make them fearful and anxious.

Instead, try to communicate disappointment over a misbehavior using your body language. Dogs are generally good at reading this, so using non-violent but firm body language can help pass your message clearly without damage.

  1.     Consider Professional Training for Your French Bulldog

If it starts to feel like you can't handle your Frenchie stubbornness or things are getting out of hand, you may consider seeking professional training help.

With a certified dog trainer, you can create a training plan that will be efficient and effective, no matter how the situation may seem.

Socializing with other Frenchie, other animals and other people is very important for your Frenchie because letting them get exposed to others makes them friendlier and more affectionate. This makes them less aggressive and more in control of themselves in different scenarios.

  1.     Familiarize with Your Frenchie

You should also consider familiarizing yourself with the proper Frenchie training tools. Keep training sessions short and make sure it always ends on a positive note. If you stop while your dog is still having fun, it will make them look forward to the next session.

Make training fun, by incorporating games like catch or keeping treats around the house for your dog to find. This will keep them interested and not bore out. But be careful and sensitive to your dog's health while outdoors!


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There are lots of tips available to train a Frenchie, but following the tips here will help you bond with your Frenchie and establish mutual trust and love. Also, you can correct any unwanted behaviors, teach your dog good manners, and improve your dog’s confidence. I hope these tips help!


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