5 Places Where French Bulldogs Like To Be Pet

5 Places Where French Bulldogs Like To Be Pet

It is vital to stroke or pet your French bulldog regularly. These actions will help you to make a strong bond with your pup. When you have a good relationship with your French bulldog, it is easier for you to train them and make them good-natured animals. Many people are unaware of the fact that petting a dog is a very unique experience. If you know the special spots present on the dog's bodies, they will melt like butter. Petting a French bulldog is a regular thing, but if you know the right spots, it will result in the relaxation of your furry friend.

Why Is There A Need To Pet Your French Bulldog?

As you know, French bulldogs are very social animals, and normally, when there is no abuse or neglect present at their place of living, they don't like to go away from their owner even for a minute. If you leave your pup unattended, he will try to find ways to get the attention of the owner, like running around, barking a lot, and pulling your clothes.

According to different research, petting your French bulldog for the short term or making positive interactions with them will create a positive effect on their heart and body. Most importantly, petting increases the release of oxytocin, cortisol, and the production of insulin.

The cortisol will decrease loneliness and stress in your pup. Similarly, oxytocin can increase the sociability of your pup. The production of cortisol and oxytocin will make your life happier.

Petting is also considered a better reward as compared to vocal praise. It has been seen that French bulldogs behave positively and show overt responses when rewarded with petting. Furthermore, it is observed that French bulldogs tend to behave positively with those people who keep touching them. Another thing is that your dog becomes more friendly when you continuously pet them. It is important to newly bought and rescued dogs.

Stroking can also help in decreasing the unwanted characteristics of your Frenchie. However, there have been no studies until now to support this fact. Those dogs who are continuously showered with attention and love are completely different dogs. Stroking is also better than scolding your Frenchie. Petting will also decrease the possibility of your pup getting jealous of other dogs. Attention-deficient dogs are very difficult to deal with, and petting is very useful in such scenarios.

Places Where French Bulldogs Like To Be Pet

The places where your French bulldog likes to be pet are below:

Cheeks and Muzzle

Your French bulldog loves to be pet on the checks and muzzles. Try using your fingertips to give them gentle strokes or scratches and check if they enjoy it or not. However, try not to pet them when they are panting, as your hands will get wet with saliva.

Belly rubs:

All French bulldogs love and enjoy belly rubs. However, try to approach this area with caution, as most dogs are sensitive to certain areas of their body. If your Frenchie allows you, gently rub their belly and see how satisfied they are. In a general scenario, if your pup suddenly lies down and exposes their belly, it is a sign that they want to do some belly rubs.

Under the Chin:

Getting a rub or scratch under the chin is another favorite thing that these pups like. A gentle rub in this area, and you will see a wagging tail and happy grunts. It's also a great way to show love to your Frenchie.

The back:

One of the common areas where your French bulldog likes to pet is their back. They love gentle strokes around their back when they are feeling thirsty or tired. Patting this area will not only calm their body but also makes them fall asleep.

Paw Massages:

Never forget about the paws. They are a relaxing spot on the dog's body. Massaging the paw of your French bulldog is a very relaxing experience. You will also get the opportunity to examine their paws and check for overgrown nails and any sign of injury.

Learn The Art Of Petting You French Bulldogs

Petting your French bulldog is an art, and if you want to master it, read the suggestions below:

  • Every dog is unique, and they have preferences when it comes to petting. Some French bulldogs like belly rubs, while others love head scratches and back massages. You must pay attention to their favorite spot and spend a good amount of time there.
  • Start the petting session with gentle and calm rubs. Start slow scratches around their shoulder, head, and back.
  • The way you pet your Frenchie also matters. Most French bulldogs love to pet in the direction of their fur growth. You can also use a comb like the Frenchie comb during this session. It will help in removing the loose fur and provide calming sensations. 
  • French bulldogs also have boundaries. Suppose you feel that your pup is showing any kind of stress or anxiety during the petting session; stop immediately. The common signs that will appear are tensing up, growling, and moving away. Respect their boundaries if they show any such signs, and stop petting them.
  • The most important thing is praise and treat. Provide your pup verbal praise and give them their favorite treats. So, they affiliate good memories with this session.


Petting is one of the beautiful ways to strengthen your bond and make your furry friend feel loved and cherished. However, you should understand the sensitivities of your dog and know about the essential cues and signs. When you pet your dog in the right way and make it a daily routine, it will generate a movement of connection that will brighten their day.


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