15 Dog Sign Languages You Should Know

15 Dog Sign Languages You Should Know

Dogs have a very vast ability to learn fast. This is irrespective of their breeds. Any dog can learn pretty fast anything you want to teach. All you need to complete this training is patience.

There are lots of reasons why you teach a dog a sign language. Also, there are ways you could teach them these sign languages at home at your pace.

Signs That a Dog is Learning Sign Language

There are a few ways you can know if your dog is catching up on sign languages. But they may not necessarily obey the commandment when you tell them. There is a way you can know that they are responding well to the command you have taught them.

One of the signs that your dog is catching up with these signs is that their gaze becomes unbreakable. They also have their ears perky. You could also use treats to teach them these signs. This will help them understand better.

Some of the body signs that you can notice are staring, raised ears, and being alert. Other signs involve the fact that your dog keeps looking at your hands for some cues. They will also carry out your command anytime you ask and perform them correctly.

Here are some signs you should know about

  1. Open Hand Down

Open Hand Down

This sign is popularly used to teach your dog to sit. And it is quite a movement that almost every dog learns very quickly.

  1. Finger-pointing

Finger Pointing sign language for dogs

This sign is quite significant if you want your dog to learn how to go somewhere. You could also use this sign when you want the dog to help you fetch something for you. Your dog can also use this to work on his agility too.

  1. Thumb up

Thumb up Dog sign language

This sign usually means GOOD for us, humans. It also means yes for dogs too. This sign is used to mark something beautiful for your dog. When they do something right, this is an excellent way to let them know they have an approval from you.

  1. The Okay Sign

The Okay Sign language for French Bulldogs

This sign is used to tell your dog you are OKAY with it. You can use this sign to replace the thumbs up. When you use any of these signs, ensure that you wear a receptive facial expression that will help your dog know you are happy.

  1. Finger-pointing down

Finger-pointing down sign language for dogs

This sign will help you tell your dog that it is time for them to lie down. It is just like the one to sit, and it is also easier to understand.

  1. Hand Flat Out

Dog Sign Languages: Hand flat out

This symbol is a symbol that will help your dog to stop or freeze. Ensure you don’t use it for both. Hence it would help if you decided which of these you would want to use it for before you begin showing it to your dog. If you switch, you will confuse your dog, and you don’t want that.

  1. Time Out Symbol

Time Out Dog Sign language

This sign is not commonly used. But you can use it for your dog to drop or be quiet. The good thing about this is that it is different from other signs, and your dog will likely learn this sign faster.

  1. Tongues Out

This sign is usually used for dogs to know it is time for play. You can use this sign for your dog to mean that you are all out for a race or any playful sport whatsoever.

  1. Head shake

This sign means that you do not approve of whatever action the dog is currently taking. Use this sign only when you disapprove of the dog’s actions.

  1. Finger into mouth open wide

This sign is usually used to feed your dog. When it is time for food, you can use this always; it will help the dog know what you mean.

  1. Hand Out

This will make your dog give a handshake or a high-five. You can, however, use this sign for a deaf dog to mean COME TO ME

  1. Two Fingers pointed at Your Eyes

The hand to eye signal is used to mean I AM WATCHING YOU. You can also use this to teach your dog to put his eyes on you always. This will go a long way to make your dog flow with you all the time.

  1. Call Me

This also passes as the symbol to mean WATCH ME. This is preferable because it is quite rare, and your dog will easily understand.

  1. Salute

This sign is used to congratulate your dog for any feat she accomplishes.

  1. Clapp in circles

This sign is used to return the dog to its cage. Ensure always to use this when it is getting dark, and you want to dog to return to its cage.


These the 15 Dog Sign languages you can start using any of them for your French Bulldog, today and enjoy some more fun relationship with her. Are there other Dog sign languages you know, or you use for your dog? If you didn’t cover it in this article, leave us a comment in the comment box below and share the knowledge. Thank you.

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Using left arm; circle out from body in front; coming into body close from rear [completing the circl]. “Get In” asking them to take up proper position on your left side. A “get in” is always completed with a sit. Once trained the large arm motion becomes more of a sweeping circular hand motion.


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