Knowing good French Bulldog foods is one of the most important parts of your role as a Frenchie mom or dad. We know you love your Frenchie and sometimes want to really share your food, especially when he/she is sitting right there looking at while you eat. But the downside is that not all human foods are good or safe for French Bulldogs to be fed with. It means that knowing what kind of your food as a human being you can safely share with your pet becomes a necessity because there are many foods we safely eat that are extremely dangerous for our pets. 

NOTE: While you feed your Frenchie with certain human foods, you should be careful to measure the amount they consume in order to keep their weight under control.

List of Human Foods French Bulldogs can Safety Eat:

  1. Some fruits and vegetable
  2. Peanut Butter
  3. Yogurt
  4. Cheese
  5. Chicken, Turkey & Beef
  6. Salmon
  7. Tuna
  8. Pumpkin and Sweet Potatoes
  9. Rice
  10. PopCorn
  11. Wheat & Grains


  1. Some fruits and vegetables: Frenchies definite like to snack on some fruits and vegetables. However, not all fruits are safe for French Bulldogs to snack on. There is a select list of fruits and vegetables that are good for your French Bulldog to eat. The rundown is as follows:
  1. Apples
  2. Bananas
  3. Blackberries
  4. Blueberries
  5. Broccoli
  6. Brussel sprouts
  7. Cantaloupe
  8. Carrots
  9. Celery
  10. Cranberries
  11. Cucumbers
  12. Green beans
  13. Mango
  14. Oranges
  15. Peaches
  16. Pineapple
  17. Peas
  18. Raspberries
  19. Strawberries
  20. Spinach
  21. Sweet potato

Just as we pointed out above, be sure to moderate the number of fruits and vegetables you feed your French Bulldog with. 

  1. Peanut Butter: French Bulldogs love to eat Peanut Butter so much. In fact, you can use it to bribe your Frenchie to adopt certain behavior you are trying to train her to have. Peanut Butter is also a good source of nutrients like protein and fiber. But if you are feeding your French Bulldog with a Peanut Butter there are certain things you need to look out for. 
  2. Xylitol - This is sweet-tasting crystalline alcohol derived from xylose, present in some plant tissue and used as an artificial sweetener in foods. Xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs, though humans can safely consume it. Hence, you learn how to check the contents and ingredients of the particular Peanut butter you want to give to your French Bulldog and make sure that it does not contain xylitol. The Peanut butter you are choosing has to be all-natural peanut butter.

Again, monitor the quantity you are feeding your dog to make sure your pet doesn't get overfed. Most times, one tablespoon of it is all good for them.

  1. Yogurt: Yogurt contains some active bacteria that can help boost your Frenchie's digestive system with Natural Probiotics. Again, while feeding your dog with Yogurt, monitor and measure the quantity he/she is consuming. Also, check very well to make sure it doesn't contain xylitol, added sugar, or other artificial sweeteners.
  1. Cheese: Cheese is a great source of such nutrients such as protein, calcium, vitamin A, essential fatty acids, and Vitamin B-Complex and so on. You should, however, note that not all dogs are able to safely consume cheese, especially those that cannot tolerate lactose. Luckily, your Frenchie is not one of them, so, you can safely give your pet a little quantity of cheese. You should, however, make sure that the cheese your Frenchie is taking is those that are very low in fat and sodium. You can try out mozzarella and cottage cheese, they are some of the most healthy cheese you can find.

  1. Chicken, Turkey, & Beef: Chicken, Turkey, and Beef are great sources of animal protein. You have to feed them raw to your Frenchie ( they are called “lean protein”). That means, don't cook them in some fatty oils or wines or other ingredients. Again, make sure you don't overfeed them.

  1. Salmon: Salmon is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are highly beneficial to your Frenchie because of their richness in protein. They help your Frenchie's coat to blossom, good for your dog's skin health, improve eye health, promote the brain functions and heart health as well as reduce inflammation. You should give your Frenchie some Salmon!

  1. Tuna: You'll also find omega-3 fatty acids in Tuna, and shares the same benefits as Salmon. However, you should ensure that the Tuna you are feeding your Frenchie with is the one that is prepared in water without any spices. serve it plain! Though, your Frenchie can tolerate a small amount of mercury and sodium, often found in canned Tuna. ensure they are really in small quantities as said.

  1. Pumpkin and Sweet Potatoes: Pumpkin provides a lot of support for your French Bulldog's digestive system because Pumpkin is very rich in Fiber. There are also other nutrients you can find in Pumpkins such as Vitamins A, E, and C, Potassium, and iron. Pumpkin is also very good for Frenchies that have diarrhea or stomach upset. But here's the caveat, NEVER EVER use canned Pumpkin because they always contain xylitol. Earlier in this article, we have highlighted how dangerous xylitol is to your little pet - don't play with that. 

  1. Rice: Your Frenchie can safely eat cooked plain white rice or pasta. Rice is also good for providing some sort of relieve to your Frenchie’s Stomach upset.

  1. Popcorn: You can safely feed your Frenchie with a little bit of unsalted, unbuttered, and air-popped popcorn. It contains riboflavin, and thiamine, which facilitate digestion and eyesight in dogs.

There we go! The list of 10 Human Foods Frenchie Bulldogs can Safely Eat. Are there some other human foods that are safe for Frenchies to eat you think we omitted? Slide into the comment box and let us know. It's all about French Bulldog knowledge sharing. Don't keep it to yourself. Share your thoughts below. Thanks the time you spent reading. I hope it's worth it.

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Hi! Would you cook the salmon or serve it raw?


Thank you! This really helped!

Keira Kosmowski

I have two Frenchie Bulldogs I would not feed raw salmon or popcorn because of the choking problem with popcorn

Audrey Fitzgerald

When you refer to canned pumpkin do you mean the i.e. filling or canned organic plain pumpkin that comes in a can.

Beth Macumber

So they should eat raw chicken, turkey, and steak. What about the salmon and tuna? Should they be raw? Or is it suppose from a can?


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