What You Should know When Your French Bulldog Gets Old

What You Should know When Your French Bulldog Gets Old

Pets usually go through a circle and this circle brings them closer to old age. The fact is that your pet will not be young forever. They will need some more care than usual when they become old, just like every other creature. This article will let you know the things you should do when your French Bulldog gets old. All we want for our French Bulldog is the best they can get through life. 

Before beginning, you first need to know about the life cycle of your French Bulldog, this will help you understand what to expect from your French Bulldog as his age advances.


The Life Cycle of a French Bulldog

The average lifespan for a French bulldog is about nine to twelve years. However, some French bulldogs have lived for nearly 14 years. This age can be compared to 72 years for humans, although this lifespan for a French bulldog is not as long as the Chihuahua. This is maybe because of the diseases and other health problems the French Bulldog passed through at a young age.

When Should You Start Caring for Your Old French Bulldog?

When your French Bulldog gets to age 7, it is time for you to get some hands-on information to care for him/her. You can check with your vet to know what you need to have handy for your French Bulldog. Your vet can tell you or show you some of the signs of old age in your French Bulldog.

The Signs of Old Age for a French Bulldog:

  • There will be a change in the weight of the French Bulldog.
  • Your French Bulldog begins to have a change in motion or movement because of some bone pain.
  • The functions of some of the internal organs begin to slow down.
  • Its sensory functions begin to reduce
  • Your French Bulldog can get diabetes, cancer, or even hyperthyroidism.

It is very okay to notice that there are changes in the behavior of your French Bulldog. Although French Bulldogs are not the most active breeds in the world, there will be a remarkably reduced activity in your French Bulldog when it is old.

What You Can Do When Your French Bulldog Gets to Old Age

One of the first things to do when your French Bulldog gets between 7 to 10 years is to keep an eye on it. This way, you will be able to note any slight changes in your French Bulldog. This can be very demanding, but it is the best way to comfortably help your dog pass through old age. You can also know about any illness in the dog before it becomes very critical.



Here is a Checklist of More Things You Should Do:

  • Frequent vet visits
  • Naturally, the French Bulldog is prone to health challenges. You should be able to visit your vet at regular intervals. Irrespective of the health status of your French Bulldog, still visit. This will help you detect any problem on time.

  • Check Your French Bulldog’s Diet
  • As your French Bulldog grows old, you will have to change its diet. There are some dog foods that are made for older dogs. They are available in the market. You can also get your vet’s advice on the particular kind of food that you need to feed your Frenchie at old age.

  • Check the Weight
  • Being overweight and obese can hurt the dog. Ask your vet for the optimum weight for your dog, then ensure that you maintain the weight and keep it controlled.

  • Add some probiotics
  • There are lots of good bacteria in the gut that can help your French bulldog health. Probiotics help you to balance the bacteria in the stomach of the dog. They can also help improve the immune system of your French Bulldog

  • Exercise
  • You will need some exercise to keep your French bulldog fit. Usually, French bulldogs are not very big on exercise routines, but at old age, this activity tends to reduce drastically. So you will have to take your dog for a walk more often than you used to when it was quite younger. You can get your French Bulldog a toy to improve its engagement and activity. This will also help fight depression and improve mental health.


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    Are there other things you do for your aged Frenchie that you think works for him/her? Let us know in the comment box below.





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