COVID -19: Is It Safe to Walk Your Dog Outdoors

COVID -19: Is It Safe to Walk Your Dog Outdoors

The current fear is about COVID-19. Everyone is trying to adjust to the current lifestyle changes. A lot of companies are closing down their services, and a few are trying to leverage the digital space. As part of your activities at home, you may have to spend some time to keep your dog company. It is part of your duty. This is the best time to bond with your Frenchie. There are lots of things you can do with your dog.

Dogs like it when you are taking them out for a walk. They want to breathe the air of a new environment. And as much they also need to meet new dogs in the neighborhood. But it is okay to have lots of questions about walking your dog during this COVID-19 pandemic.


If You Tested Positive for COVID-19

As soon as you begin to show symptoms of COVID-19, you should isolate yourself. This includes staying away from all contacts, your family, neighbor, friends, and even your dog. You must do all you can to stop contacts with your dog.

You should only come in contact with your dog when you want to feed, and that means you would be on your face mask and gloves. This is so that you do not infect your dog too. However, even if you tested positive, but you are not showing symptoms yet, you still have to self-quarantine yourself for a minimum of fourteen days.

There are other activities that can help your dog get all the excitement it needs. Explore other indoor options.


If You Tested Negative for COVID-19

The current lockdown affects all and sundry; both those who tested positive or negative. Hence, you should remain in lockdown till it has been lifted. It is not safe to walk your dog outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can get some other exciting activities for your dog at home. Ensure that you do not take your dog outdoors, as this can increase the risk of either you or your dog getting infected.

It has been proven that the COVID-19 strain can last up to 7 to 8 hours in the air; hence you may walk into an environment where an infected person had just been. It is safe if you stay indoors with your dog and get innovative. There are other ways for you to make staying with your dog much fun.

If you are Negative for COVID-19 and do not feel any symptoms, you should look for any indoor activities you could do. If you have to do any outdoor stroll, then you will have to go very early in the morning. You can do brisk jogging around your estate but not with your dog.


Can I take a stroll alone?

As much as you can, you should avoid contact with people. People who tested positive or are waiting for test results must remain in lockdown. This means that you leave the welfare of your dog to another person. It also means that if you must attend to your dog, you will have to use your facemask and hand gloves.


How to Relate with Your Dog During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As much as you can, you should limit the contact you have with your pet. This will help them and you to stay safe. Just in case you have the virus and you don’t have any symptoms yet, this distancing will help your dog stay safe.

You should avoid kissing, snuggling, and petting your dog. Ensure you train your dog so well, that it does not lick your shoes and hands when you return.

Do not share food with your pet this time around. The best love you can show to your pet is to give them a little social distancing. Since there are cases of dogs infected with Coronavirus, and a dog with Coronavirus has been reported dead. So, you must limit your contact with your dog during this period. Allow your dog to spend more time in its pet house than with you.

All form of visits should be prevented. This is not the time to allow your dog visit or accept any visit from your neighbor’s dog. Be strict about staying indoors and obeying the self-isolation recommendation by local authorities and international bodies.


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