5 Wonderful French Bulldogs Commands To Teach Your Pup Today

5 Wonderful French Bulldogs Commands To Teach Your Pup Today

I know what you're thinking, how do I train my French bulldog puppy? Great question! It can be a little tricky to get started, but the results are worth it. Whether you want your pup to stop nipping at your heels or jumping on people, this blog post will help you command train them in no time!

The first step is understanding how they learn and why they misbehave sometimes. The next step is teaching them what behavior is expected of them. Read on for more tips and tricks on how to make training easier for both of you.

Why Is My French Bull Dog Misbehaving?

The three most common root causes of French bulldog aggression are carelessness in breeding, trauma, and lack of socialization. A Frenchie that has been poorly treated when he was a puppy is more likely to be aggressive as he reflects his experience with abuse or neglectful handling during development stages.

When To Start Command Training Your French Bulldog?

As soon as they arrive, you can get your new pup started on some basic commands. Teaching a puppy is the beginning of a fantastic journey that will bring both animal and human happiness.

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5 Basic Commands To Teach Your French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are brilliant dogs with a mind of their own. They can learn commands but require patience to train. You can also use our fantastic Frenchie training fashion face mask while training Frenchie during this COVID time to show the world your enthusiasm. The five basic commands to teach your French bulldogs are


Teaching your French bulldog the sit command is easy with a basic lure method. Dogs can't learn to stay without knowing how to "sit." Their ability to understand what this means and does will also depend on whether or not you're patient enough when teaching it, so make sure that you reward every time your pup sits in place.

When you teach your French bulldogs to sit, start by holding a treat up in front of their nose and then slowly pushing it towards the ground. They will follow your hand and sit on the ground.

As soon as this happens, give out whatever praise is desired. Continue training your French bulldog until he sits on the first command. The next step is to make sure that your dog can sit in many different positions and for a long time. To do this, try to sit command when walking with your dog or when visitors are at home to learn new things.

Lie down

One of the most valuable commands for your French bulldog is "lie down." This command can be used to have them settle in when you don't want them to. It's essential that they learn this skill early on because it will make life easier later.

Put your French bulldog in a sitting position and take the treat above them; now, move your hand down towards their chest then straight towards the floor. Your dog will follow your hand, and he will lie down. Reward him if he gets into that position. Try to practice this command multiple times a day. When your dog gets used to lying down, use the command down when they get in that position. Reward your dog treats when he is in a down position so he will spend more time there.

 Come when called

A really important behavior to teach your dog is coming back when called, which can help keep them safe and mean they can enjoy some exercise off the lead. The best way of teaching this skill in order for it to work effectively with your furry friend is to start teaching this from an early age.

First of all, you need to understand that French bulldogs need an incentive to come back like something delicious, a treat, or a fun game with their favorite toy. Show it, and they'll be on the run in no time. Next, take a couple of steps away from them, call their name, and say come. You can lie down as this can encourage them to return to you.

Once your dog comes to you, pet him and reward him with a treat. Gradually increase the distance from your Frenchie and call his name. You will see that your dog will run from the other corner of the house when you call his name.


Teaching your dog to 'stay' is a simple behavior that can be handy for keeping them safe. You'll want to make sure your Frenchie is well trained upon lying down before moving on to staying put.

First of all, command your French bulldog to sit down. When he gets in the position, use the palm of your hand facing towards your dog and ask him to stay. Wait for a few seconds before rewarding any treat to him. If he stays there for a few seconds, reward him with a treat. Practice this many times a day and only reward your dog when he is lying down.


Some of us can find it quite worrying and threatening to take something away from our French bulldogs, especially if they value the item very much, such as food or toys. But in some cases, we need to remove items such as an object that could be dangerous being picked up by mistake while playing, such as a wire or your scarf. Training them to leave that thing comes in handy at that time, which can even save their lives.

When training your Frenchie to leave command, take a treat in your hand and offer your dog to take it from you. Next, hold the treat in your hand, and you see will see your Frenchie will try to take it from, but you should not respond to these attempts. Wait until your pup back off from the treat. Once your French bulldog moves back, reward him with the treat. Practice this several times and use the command leave when your dog moves back from the treat.

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Training your French bulldog can be a lot of work, but it is well worth the effort. With patience and consistency, you will reap the benefits in no time! We hope these tips helped you with training your French bulldog. Remember to keep an open mind when learning about what works best for them, and don't forget to have fun while doing so.


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