Tips to Keep Your Frenchie Puppy Warm on Winter Nights

Tips to Keep Your Frenchie Puppy Warm on Winter Nights

As the winter is at its peak, it’s essential to make sure that your puppy stays happy and healthy because they are the most vulnerable member of your family. Just like us human French bulldogs need a lot of care and attention during these months because they can get ill in chilly winters. However, certain tips can help you keep your pup warm on winter nights. In this blog, we will look at the tips to keep your French bulldog warm on winter nights.

Understanding Puppy Needs

You need to understand the unique needs of your French bulldog puppies during winter. Unlike adult dogs, Frenchie puppies are very prone to suffer from extreme temperatures because of their thinner coat and small size. Additionally, their short fur also makes them more sensitive to cold. If you recognize these steps it is the first step to creating a safe environment for your furry friend.

Provide Adequate Shelter

The basic step is to create a secure shelter during the winter nights. If your Frenchie puppy is staying out on winter nights make sure they have access to a dry dog house. The dog house must be placed on an elevated place off the ground to prevent it from being cold and damp. Try to check their bedding regularly to make sure it stays clean and dry.

If your puppy stays indoors make sure there is a designated and comfortable area for them. Don’t keep their bed in front of windows and doors to avoid chilly drafts. Consider a cozy bed like a Shark dog bed. This bed is very soft and gives a cushion to your pup.

The bed is very easily washable and can be taken easily for traveling. Your pup can stay warm in this bed during harsh weather.

Invest in Warm and Stylish Apparel

Just like humans wear a lot of winter coats and jackets, puppies can also benefit from the warmth of doggy clothes. Choose an item that covers your puppy's belly and chest as these are the sensitive body parts that can catch cold. The clothing you select must be snuggly and allow proper movement.

Adjust Their Diet

The nutritional needs of your puppy change with the season and winter is no different. In extreme cold weather adjust their diet so they get extra calories for warmth and energy. Your vet can guide you for the best food and portion size based on the age, size, and health of your pup.

Try adding warm meals to their diet like homemade soups and broths and pour it over their regular kibble. This will also entice the picky eaters. Try to give free access to fresh water all the time so they stay hydrated during the winter time.

Maintain a Comfortable Indoor Temperature

If your puppy spends a lot of time indoors try to maintain the temperature of your house. Use electric blankets or a space heater to create a warm spot for your puppies. Add some weather stripping around the windows and doors and use a thermal curtain to trap heat. You can put carpet or rugs on the cold floor. Keep in mind that Frenchie babies also need an extra layer of warmth to adjust their body temperature.

Encourage Physical Activity

Regular exercise is important for the good health of your French bulldog and it's very important during the winter months. Engage your dog in physical activities to generate body heat and to keep their puppy warm. Take the puppies out for playtime and walk during the warmer time of the day.

If the outdoor walk is not feasible and it’s too cold outside find an indoor alternative. Designate an indoor play area where your pup can play with friends. Mental stimulation through toys and interactive games is a great way to keep your pup warm and active.

Monitor Paw Health

Winter not only brings cold temperatures but also brings snow, ice, and salt on the roads. These elements can damage your puppy's paws. If you want to protect their sensitive paws buy dog boots. They will provide insulation and protect their paws from salt that can cause injury.

When your puppy comes from outdoor activities clean their paws with damp clothes to remove salt, ice, or chemicals. Invest in pet-safe balm to keep their pads moisturized and protected from harsh weather.

Create a Cozy Bedtime Routine

A cozy and warm bedtime routine can also make a difference in the comfort of winter nights. Establish a routine that includes pre bedtime walk, quiet playtime, and a warm meal. Also make sure that your pup has access to their favorite bedding, and blanket so they get a familiar sleeping environment.

If your Frenchie still sleeps in a crate, cover it with a blanket or a cover to give insulation and a den-like environment.

Be Mindful of Frostbite and Hypothermia

You can do all the best efforts but it’s important to stay vigilant about the frostbite and hypothermia in puppies. Frostbites are very dangerous and common on extremities like the nose, ears, tail, and paws. Watch out for discolored, pale skin and any sign of pain. Hypothermia also shows signs of lethargy, shivering, and a drop in body temperature.

If you have any of these signs consult your vet about it. You can prevent these conditions but limiting the outdoor exposure during the cold weather and drying your pup thoroughly after playtime and walks in the snow.


Keeping your puppy warm at night includes a lot of awareness, preparation, and a little bit of effort. If you understand the unique needs of your Frenchie puppy invest in bed, a good diet, and maintain indoor temperature so they stay cozy and healthy. Keep in mind that a content and warm puppy is a happy puppy that enjoys winter with you.


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