How Smart Are French Bulldogs?

How Smart Are French Bulldogs?

French Bulldogs have gained immense popularity because of their sweet nature and their status as companion animals. Frenchies are emotionally intelligent but are they good at solving problems and learning new skills? They also stubborn nature so it’s hard for some people to understand their true intelligence. In this blog, we will explore the intelligence of French bulldogs and break down their different and unique abilities that help build their reputation as smart and loveable companions.

What is Canine Intelligence?

Canine intelligence is a complex subject that looks at various attributes like problem-solving skills, cognitive abilities, and social adaptability. Dr. Stanley Coren is a famous dog behavior expert psychologist and behavior expert and he categorizes their intelligence into three types: adaptive intelligence, instinctive intelligence, and working or obedience intelligence. Let’s look at all of these types.

Instinctive Intelligence:

Instinctive intelligence means the dog's built-in ability to do different tasks that they are bred for. French bulldogs because of their small size have a great amount of instinctive intelligence. They are basically bred for ratting and as companion animals. They have good hunting skills although they don’t have that high level of prey drive but their alertness and curiosity show their instinctive intelligence.

Additionally, French bulldogs also have a keen sense of hearing because of their bat-like ears. This ability helps them to pick different alerts and sounds that make them great watchdogs. Their protective nature and surrounding awareness also enhance their ability of instinctive intelligence.

Adaptive Intelligence:

In adaptive intelligence, the ability of dogs is measured by how much they learn from their surroundings and use it to deal with new situations. French bulldogs adapt well to the new situation which makes them well-suited for different living environments like houses apartments and yards. Their easygoing nature helps them to adjust to different lifestyles and shows their great adaptive intelligence.

Moreover, they are also very fast in learning house training and basic commands. There are some individual differences among the Frenchies, but their desire to please their owner helps them in training sessions.

Working and Obedience Intelligence:

This means the French bulldog's ability to understand and follow the commands. While French bulldogs are not on the top of the list in obedience trials they have a different way of showing their intelligence. These pups are famous for their clownish behavior and love for attention which makes them natural entertainers.

French bulldogs also show stubbornness during the training session which can be challenging sometimes. Positive reinforcement and patience are the key when working with these dogs. Despite their occasional stubborn behavior, they are always eager to please their owners and learn new tricks and commands with regular training.

Problem-Solving Skills:

One of the major aspects of intelligence is a dog's cognitive ability which is to have some problem-solving skills. French bulldogs are not known for their problem-solving powers like some herding and working breeds but they show cleverness in their way.

Puzzle Toys and Games:

French bulldogs show mental stimulation and adding some puzzle toys to their daily routine is a great way to engage their minds. The toys allow them to use their mind to figure out how to get access to hidden treats and provide hours of mental exercise and entertainment. If you are in search of such interactive toys for your furry friend then Crab toy for your furry companion. This toy can easily keep your pup engaged physically and mentally for hours.

This toy has a motion sensor that can detect obstacles and change direction. Moreover, it is built with durable material and easily withstand a strong bite by your pup. The toy is not only safe for your pup but for your children as well.

Navigation Skills:

Frenchies have s stocky build but still, these dogs are very agile. They can easily navigate through tight spaces and have the ability to squeeze in small crannies and nooks. This skill also explains their awareness of problem-solving.

Social Intelligence:

Along with their intelligence and problem-solving skills, their intelligence also lies in their social skills. French bulldogs are famous for their sociable and affectionate nature which make them great companions. Their social intelligence is evident in different ways like

Bonding with Humans:

French bulldogs show a strong bond with their human family. They thrive on human companionship and are very sensitive towards their owner's emotions. Whether it’s giving comfort during the tough days or providing love during joyous moments. French bulldogs show a deep connection with their human counterparts.

Interaction with Other Animals:

French bulldogs get along well with other pets and that a proof of their social intelligence. While each dog has a different personality mostly French bulldogs show a friendly and playful demeanor that makes them suitable for houses with multiple animals.

Understanding Non-Verbal Cues:

Frenchies are also good at picking nonverbal cues not only from humans but also from other dogs. Their attentive nature and expressive faces make them responsive to changes in body language, tone, and facial expressions. Their sensitive nature gives them the chance to connect with their owners on a deeper level.


When it comes to obedience intelligence traditional working French bulldogs may not be at the top of the list, but their unique qualities and attributes make them smart in their way. Their problem-solving skills, adaptability, and social intelligence add to their overall charm and endearing nature.


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