7 Fun Exercises for a Healthy French Bulldog

7 Fun Exercises for a Healthy French Bulldog

French Bulldogs like other dogs can suffer from obesity and suffer from a lot of health problems. However, these problems can be avoided by regular exercise and by maintaining the good health of your furry friend. When you engage your French bulldog in different fun activities and exercises it will not only benefit them physically but also mentally. In this blog, we will go through different enjoyable fun exercises that are especially tailored for your French bulldog to keep them healthy, active, and happy.

Daily Walks:

One of the most effective and simplest exercises for your French bulldog is daily exercise. French bulldogs have different exercise requirements and they don’t need as much exercise as large breeds but still daily walking will maintain a healthy weight and prevent boredom. Try to take your pup for two short walks a day that should be around 20 to 30 minutes or according to the age and fitness level of your dog.

If you want to make the walk more interesting try to explore different parks, routes, and trails. This will not only give physical exercise but also offer mental stimulation for our French bulldog when they encounter new sights, scents, and sounds.


French bulldogs are not known as good retrievers but still, most of them enjoy playing fetch a lot. You can use a soft lightweight toy to play with them such toys also avoid straining their jaw and prevent injuries. Start playing with them by short throws and gradually increase the distance when your Frenchie becomes more comfortable.

Playing fetch with your pup will engage their muscles improve their cardiovascular health and make your bond strong with your pup. Furthermore, it’s also a great way to use their energy and make them less likely to get into different destructive behaviors.

Interactive Toys

Physical exercises are important for French bulldogs but they also benefit from mental stimulation. Different interactive toys like treat dispensing toys and puzzle feeders can engage your pup's mind and keep them entertained. Such toys not only give them a mental workout but also slow the process of eating which will promote digestion.

Try to rotate these toys and make things interesting to prevent boredom. Some toys are made in such a way that you can hide treats in them like the IQ treat ball. You can encourage your pup to figure out how to retrieve treats from this toy.

It will engage your pup for a long time and this type of mental stimulation is important for preventing behavioral issues and makes your pup a well-rounded happy dog.


Tug-of-war is a great and classic game that all French bulldogs love. Use a durable soft toy that is designed for this purpose and make sure it is large enough that it prevents accidental bites. Playing tug of war will strengthen the neck and jaw of your Frenchie. It is also a great way to release the built-up energy.

However, it is important to establish some rules when playing this game and teach your Frenchie when to start and stop this game this will not only make it enjoyable but also engage your pup for a long time. Always, keep an eye on the body language of your pup and stop the game if they show any sign of fatigue or boredom.


Swimming is a great exercise in French bulldogs especially in the warmer months. This low-impact activity is great for their joints and those pups suffering from joint issues benefit from this exercise. If you have access to a swimming pool train your pup how to swim because French bulldogs are not great swimmers.

You can also get a life jacket for your French bulldog that is designed especially for them. Swimming engages a lot of muscle groups gives your pup a full body workout and promotes cardiovascular health.

Agility Training:

Agility training is not only great for high-energy dogs Frenchies also benefit from them because it improves their balance, coordination, and confidence. You can set up an agility setup at your home by using simple obstacle items like jumps, tunnels, and weave pools. Start the process with a simple exercise and gradually increase the difficulty as your Frenchie becomes confident.

Agility exercises are not only good for their body but also for their mind. It is also a great way to bond with your pup as it will boost their agility and self-confidence. Keep the training sessions short and positive to make sure that your Frenchie enjoys the process.


On certain days when outdoor exercises are limited, engage your pup in a game of hide and seek. Frenchies love this game so much as this activity is just like their instinct and also promotes mental stimulation. Start the game by hiding in a very easy-to-find location and then call your dog. When your pups become familiar with the game you can start increasing the difficulty and hiding in different places.

Use toys and treats as a reward when your Frenchie finds you and reinforce positive behavior in them. This game is not only a great source of mental stimulation but also strengthens the bond with your pup.


Keeping your Frenchie happy and healthy is a combination of mental stimulation, exercise, and socialization. Change your approach according to the age, needs, and fitness of your pup. Remember that consistency is the key and keep an eye on your pup to make the whole experience more wonderful.


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