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Petque™ - Frenchie Trendy Raincoat (WL08)

Petque™ - Frenchie Trendy Raincoat (WL08)

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 Our Petque™ - Frenchie Trendy Raincoat is brand new, made with high-quality materials for a better user experience. The Black color and Icy design give the French Bulldog raincoat a new look.

Not only is it a stylish complement to any look, but it also provides serious protection from rain, snow, and other types of wet weather. The lining is made with a warm and plump Polyester Fabric with a waterproof coating so nothing will come through. It even has a double bottom hem to make sure that water goes right off in case of rain. Get your Frenchie the best protection with our weatherproof raincoat today!

  • This raincoat is not just waterproof but also windproof.
  • It features a warm fleece lining and double bottom hem to keep out wetness.
  • It fits all sizes of Frenchies, so you don't have to worry about being left out in the rain.

 Buy this trendy Frenchie raincoat now. Free shipping worldwide. 

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