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Caribbean Pirate French Bulldog Halloween Costume

Caribbean Pirate French Bulldog Halloween Costume

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Our French Bulldog Halloween costume is made of high-quality polyester and non-woven fabric, soft and breathable that will give your pet a better user experience. It turns your pet into a Caribbean pirate with this fun pirate Halloween costume design. 

Your little dog will look great and feel comfortable in this Halloween costume. 

We invented these front-end costumes for your French Bulldog that seem incredibly realistic are a true genius when viewed from the front.

It looks like your pet is walking upwards using its front paws and arms out to the side, making it appear as if it's walking like a human.

The pirate French Bulldog costume is fantastic; there's just something so elegant about the way he has a hook sticking straight out, and the other one is neatly tucked behind his back, just like a true pirate would approach you to steal your boat. 

Frenchies and other pets can both wear the pirate costume.


  • 100% polyester fabric
  • The shirt has sleeves for French Bulldog's front legs; fastens around neck w/ hook and loop fastener.
  • On the front of the shirt, the arms are stuffed.
  • The hat has an elastic band to secure around the head

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