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Why you should get the best clothes for your french bulldog ?

Why you should get the best clothes for your french bulldog ?

Lately there is a tendency to dress up your pet. One does it to make his French Bulldog companion more elegant and stylish, the other - in order to protect his dog from rain and wind, to always keep him warm. But the question arises: is it essential to wear clothes for French bulldog dogs? If so, which model to choose?


Natively the dog has a system of protection against bad weather. In order to determine whether or not your pet needs this accessory, it is necessary to ensure the thickness of its layer of undercoat. If this is sufficiently provided, the wearing of the coat will prove to be completely unnecessary, even would only unnecessarily increase the dog's temperature. But most dogs are not sufficiently resistant to moisture, which is why acquiring a french bulldog clothes coat is not so much about protecting the dog from cold as it is from moisture.


A good coat should cover the back of the French Bulldog dog from the withers to the base of the tail. If it is shorter, there is a risk of under-cooling the back. It is also important to cover the French Bulldog's neck, especially in dogs with neck problems.


Another moment to consider is the appropriate size for the dog's morphology. If you are shopping for dog clothes online, it is essential to consult the size chart for each model. Our friends the dogs, even within the same breed, have different measurements (weight, neck, chest, back length). This is why you should measure your dog individually when ordering online.

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