Why Do French bulldogs Eat Poop?

Why Do French bulldogs Eat Poop?

Everybody loves puppies and their cute antics. French bulldogs are no exception. However, they often get a bad reputation for eating their poop. This is not fair on the dog as they are not doing it to deliberately be disgusting, they are just trying to survive. This blog will look at why they eat their poop and how you can stop it.

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Why Is My French bulldog Eating Poop?

There are many reasons why your French bulldog would do this but some of the common reasons are


Most dog owners will tell you that their pet dogs eat poop because they are not aware of what they're ingesting. That may be true for some French bulldogs, but all dog breeds have their unique tastes, preferences, and dietary needs. For example, French Bulldogs will oftentimes enjoy eating fecal matter or other types of foods that you probably don't even know they have a taste for. And this is referred to as coprophagia.

Following Mother Instinct

Frenchie puppies start eating their poop they are with their littermates. They learn this behavior from their mother, who will naturally tidy up the "nest." This is an evolutionary feature, since dogs’ clear excrement away from newborn creatures to keep predators away from the odor. Puppies will emulate their mother's behavior and may begin to ingest feces.


Dogs with parasite infections tend to obsessively eat certain foods. This is because the parasites consume all of the dog's food, so there's nothing left to eat. In the end, they will start eating their own feces. The best way to deal with a dog in this condition is to examine their poop regularly and take them to the vet for treatment as soon as possible.

Over Use Of Steroids

Allergies in French bulldogs can result in a variety of issues, from skin sensitivity to behavioral problems. In some cases, it might lead to serious itching which can be treated with steroids, but these medications tend to affect chronically ill French bulldogs. They also increase hunger, so your dog may not eat for hours and then gorge on its poop. Again, this is another common occurrence reported by many Frenchie owners.

Medical Issues

French bulldogs are not immune to diabetes and unfortunately, this incurable condition brings bad things. Some dogs refuse to eat while others get an increased appetite. When They don’t get something to eat they will start eating their own poop.

Low Nutrient Food

If your Frenchie puppy looks as though he is eating his poop, it’s likely because the food you are feeding him is not very nutritious. If his food isn’t digesting correctly, the 'products' will come out looking and smelling exactly like whatever he ate for dinner. This can be rather unappetizing to a puppy, but they will take it as an attractive option and start eating their poop.


When your French bulldog suffers from anxiety, they may have a few undesirable habits that stem outward. For example, your dog may begin to start eating his poop in stress.


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How To Stop Your French Bull Dog From Eating Poop?

There are many things that you can do to prevent this problem.

Well Balanced Diet

If you feed your French bulldogs a well-balanced diet that contains all of the necessary nutrients they will not eat their poop. This is because they are getting all the nutrients from the food. It's best to feed your puppy food that contains the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats.

Clean Up Their Feces

Another thing you can do is to clean up their poop immediately after they are done doing their business. By it, you are not giving them any chance of examining their poop.

To clean their poop you can use Poop scooper. It comes equipped with everything you need to clean up after your pup. It contains a carabiner and 2 rolls bagged for 40 uses each. Cleaning up dog waste is a breeze this poop scooper is convenient and lightweight, so go out with it and forget about carrying heavy scoopers by hand. Long-lasting professional-grade poop bags, that` remove unpleasant odors inside bags so, no worries leaving the house with odorless hands.

Treat Their Anxiety

If your french bulldog is suffering from anxiety you can treat this issue by providing them interactive food toys. These toys can keep them busy for hours. You can provide toys like

Snuffle mat

This dog toy is an excellent way to promote physical and mental health in your canine. The snuffle mat will keep your pet mentally stimulated while getting some exercise and reducing stress, leaving you with a happy, healthy dog. A ten-minute snuffle is equal to one hour of outdoor exercise. Moreover, this snuffle mat is durable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.

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Interactive Food egg

Add your Frenchie's favorite treats to the feeder, creating incentives for them to interact while they exercise and reinforce positive behaviors.   After you add a few items to the dispensing ball, you can set the difficulty level by rotating the toy. You can rotate it back when they pick up their pace or speed up when they're getting bored or sloppy. It is one of the best ways to keep your French bulldog busy.

interactive food egg

Consult Your Vet

Veterinary doctors are an important aspect when it comes to your Frenchie health. If you notice that your pet is suddenly consuming poop, consult with a vet who will be able to determine the exact cause of this unusual behavior and what can be done about it.


You may have got the answer to why your French bulldog is eating poop. French bulldogs are just like humans in the sense that they are curious by nature. If they find something that smells or tastes good, they’ll want to try it out. There are also certain medical issues and behavioral issues that might cause your Frenchie to eat his poop. However, by consulting your vet and taking the necessary measure you can control this problem. Hope this blog will help you in overcoming this issue.

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