What Type of Food will Help my French Bulldog Develop Strong Bones?

What Type of Food will Help my French Bulldog Develop Strong Bones?

If you are a good French bulldog owner, then your Frenchie's bone health will be vital to you. It would help if you understood that the activity of your French bulldog increases, so it will also be the need for you to care for its health needs.

Listed here are the different foods that can help build the bone of your French bulldog; any of these could just be added as a supplement to your French bulldog's food.

Give your French bulldog quality food.

As a Frenchie mom and dad, you may want to feed your dog with commercial food; even if you do, you should use quality commercial food; choose the ones with enough calcium and phosphorus as these will help your French bulldog grow better and stronger bones.


Bone broth

This is a mix of bones that have been simmered for days using apple cider vinegar. It removes all the nutrients in the bones and makes it available for your French bulldog as soon as it is taken. This bone broth can serve as a healing potion for your Frenchie when it is consumed.

This bone broth can also help do other essential body functions apart from improving the bones; it is known to serve as a detoxicant for the liver and helps to heal any digestive problem that your French bulldog might have, including allergies, asthma, and other autoimmune diseases.


Raw Goat Milk

This is referred to as unpasteurized milk; it is one of the most nutrient-rich foods that you can find around; this is a quick look at the profile of what the goat milk contains.

This unpasteurized goat milk contains vitamin A, D, and K2; all these will help the bone of your French bulldog. It also contains amino acids and other minerals and electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium that is very important in bone formation.

There are several reasons why you should stay with the unpasteurized goat milk instead of using that of the cow milk. Goat milk has a record of causing lesser allergies than cow milk. They are quite easy to digest and absorb, mainly because the fat in the goat milk is smaller than in cow milk. Goat milk also contains a higher quantity of selenium, which will help bone and other vital functions in your French bulldog body.


Organic Meats

It doesn't matter what kind of food you give your French bulldog; it can be either homemade meals or something else but know that you should add organ meat routinely as this will form a functional component of bone health.

Feed your French bulldog these organs as they are known to be dense with lots of nutrients and will help increase the body concentration of necessary minerals for bone growth. Even carnivores will usually feed upon these organs first before every other part of their prey.

Organs like kidneys, heart, liver should also be fed to your French bulldog if you want it to grow more robust bones. The liver is known to store a large quantity of iron, amino acid, and zinc, all these necessary for a healthy bone formation. The adrenal glands have a high concentration of vitamin C, also suitable for stronger bones and teeth.



When talking about strong bones, the truth is that you need to look for those essential nutrients that will help improve the formation of these strong bones in your Frenchie; so far, eggs have been a nutrient powerhouse for everyone.

Eggs are also known as the complete protein and all of which are bioavailable, making it very easy to add to your French bulldog's diet. It will improve their bones and also aid them in growing denser bones faster.

Lastly, in the guise to give your Frenchie a good bone density, you should beware not to overfeed them. Overfeeding will make them obese, and this can even deteriorate their bone health further. Ensure they eat at the right time and also the right nutrients. Please do not feed them with junks and also do not skip their meals. Avoiding feeding your dog may expose them to the nutritional deficiency that can affect their bones too.

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Very informative. I have a Frenchie with a cleft palate. I believe that the goat milk plays a huge part in how his cleft palate almost completely closed accept for a small tear drop.

JEnnifer BAle

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