What to Do if Your French Bulldog is not Eating Well

What to Do if Your French Bulldog is not Eating Well

A French Bulldog that is not eating well may have a medical condition called, “anorexia”. This is not always the case. However, it is quite alarming when your French bulldog do not eat well. There are lots of reasons why this can happen. This article is about what to do if your French Bulldog suddenly stops eating well.


Summer can Affect Your French Bulldog Appetite

What you need to check first is your dog’s energy level. During the summer months, there is usually a wave of lethargy that affects French bulldogs in general. This is true because they need some cooling and tend to stay in shady places often.

During this time, they should be given assess to clean and freshwater. Hence during summer months, it is quite reasonable for your dog to have reduced appetite.

If your dog eats less food during summer, it is advised that you feed her with smaller portions of food multiple times a day. Adding fruits to her meals will also help to improve its appetite. But be careful how you feed them with fruits. They contain a large amount of sugar, and this can negatively impact on their health in some ways.

You can give them a few slices of apple. This will help them refresh their appetite during the summer.


Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t eat

  • Dental problem

Your French bulldog may not eat if it has any dental issue. Check the jaw of your French bulldog to observe if there are any meats or food stuck between its teeth. If your dog has dental issues, it will drool and whine continuously. Does your Frenchie do this?

  • Vaccine

Your French bulldog may lose appetite if it has recently taken a vaccine. Just as it is observed in humans, when your French bulldog takes vaccine, it can experience a slightly raised temperature. This increase in temperature can cause a reduction in its appetite.

You do not have to fear about this. It is a regular occurrence. This is the time where the body of your dogs is creating antibodies in response to the vaccine. Wait for a few days after the vaccine, your French bulldog will get back its appetite. If not, see a Vet for advice.

  • Illness

Illness can also make your French bulldog lose its appetite. There is also a loss of energy from your dog if your dog is ill. Usually, his is a direct result of staying away from food. Accompanied by loss or reduced appetite, if your dog begins to vomit and have diarrhea, then you will have to visit the veterinary doctor.

  • Environment

French bulldog can adapt to different environmental conditions. But they can be very emotional about changes in the environment too.

To help your French bulldog to adapt fast, bring its mats, blankets and toys to its new environment so that she will some familiar items. It will help him adapt faster.


What to Do to Improve Your French Bulldog Appetite

  • Ensure that you do not feed your French bulldog between meals. Some treats can make the dog not feel hungry at the time she is supposed to eat proper food.
  • Get some toys for your Frenchie. There are lots of feeding toys that can make feeding a very fun activity for your Frenchie.
  • Prepare a safe place for your French bulldog. This is so that no one will interrupt him when eating. The place should be dry, comfortable and quiet.
  • Change diet: To improve your French Bulldog’s appetite, you may have to change its diet. It may be that a new diet will interest your French bulldog and appeal to them. You can try canned food.
  • Take on strolls: Take your French bulldog on a stroll before a meal. This way, he will burn some calories and come back ready to replace those lost calories.


These are some of the things you can do if your French Bulldog is not eating well. Have you experience a declined eating habit for your French Bulldog? How did you handle it?


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