What are the Habits of a Great French Bulldog Mom or Dad?

What are the Habits of a Great French Bulldog Mom or Dad?

It is not enough to have a French bulldog; you should have habits that can ensure your French bulldog gets the best life it can. French bulldogs are adorable and can make you keep smiling even if you are not trying to smile. If you plan on getting a French bulldog or you already have, then you should compare these habits with yours, you need to have them!


Choose a French bulldog that matches your lifestyle.

One good habit is that you do not squeeze your dog to fit your lifestyle. Just ensure that you get a dog that fits your lifestyle well and a French bulldog; you should be ready to adjust your lifestyle to meet your French bulldog. So if your job takes you out of the house all day, you should be prepared to free up a few hours to walk your dog and play some fun game with it.


Commit their life to their dogs

Getting a French bulldog will usually need your attention for about 10 to 15 years, so you have to be sure that you are ready for this duration of the commitment. This interprets the consistency and ability to ignore all the discouragement you will find all through your French bulldog; French bulldog mom and dad have a habit of not quitting.


They prepare home for their dogs.

It doesn’t matter the amount of work they have to put up with, yet great French bulldog mom or dad will go all the way to ensure that their Frenchie get a very grand welcome and comfortable place to stay.


Creates a time and socialize with their dog

This habit takes time and energy. You do not just plan to a dog but also create the necessary time to socialize with the dog. If your work seems tight and will not allow you to spend time with your dog, you could pay some services to help you walk your French bulldog and make it lively.


They keep their dog safe.

There are many hazards in the home and a good French bulldog dad and mom will have a habit of protecting their Frenchie from home hazards. They will also pet-proof their house to prevent curious canines.


Will follow rules

A good habit for French bulldogs is that they follow the rules and obey signs. You will obey dog signs even if you are sure that your French bulldog will be beautiful; if a business does not allow animals, you should be fine to leave your Frenchie at home.


Daily touch-session

An excellent French bulldog owner will care about their Frenchie that they will spend some time doing a once-over for their dog. By just rubbing your hands around your dog, you prepare it to be friendly and used to touch.

When you do this routinely, you will be able to notice any deformity, tumor that is present in the body of your French bulldog.


Train your dog to have good manners

When you play with your dog all the time, you are inadvertently teaching your dog to have good manners. When your French bulldog lacks good manners, it can harm others, especially those visiting you.

You should know that French bulldogs are usually stubborn, so it should not look new to you when your Frenchie blatantly disobey orders, it may just be that it is angry with you.


Know that not everyone is a ‘dog person.’

As a great French bulldog mom and dad, you should not put all dog issues toward people who are not friendly with dogs. Hence it would help if you were careful when you go out or have someone visit you. You should also not force your French bulldog to greet someone that is not interested.


Another good habit for great French bulldog mom and dad is that they provide a sniff-free walk to the park or stroll; doing these will help you build your French bulldog instinct, giving them the feeling that they own themselves.


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