Understanding the Symptoms, Spaying, and Fertility of Female Frenchies

Understanding the Symptoms, Spaying, and Fertility of Female Frenchies

Female French bulldogs have different signs they show when they are on their period. Fertility of Frenchie is known during their period. From restlessness to other noticeable physical changes, the symptoms they feel during their period are usually very distinct and different from their usual behaviors.


French bulldogs are usually fertile, except their uterus and ovaries have been removed. During their period, they are ripe to meet with a male dog anywhere from the second stage. This stage sees them having a bloody discharge from their vulva. They are also more welcoming to male dogs around them. This period lasts for 3 to 21 days, and it is known as the active heat period.

Except you have spayed your Frenchie or plan to do so, when you observe a bloody discharge from the vulva, you can get them around your desired male dog for them to mate.


Spaying is the procedure where the ovaries and the uterus of your French bulldog are removed. You may be wondering if you should spay your French bulldog, but before you do, there are some facts you ought to take into consideration.

Before spaying is started, your Frenchie will be given some injections to make it relaxed and reduce the pain from the procedure. There will also be a breathing tube passed through her nose. All these are done to ensure a successful spaying exercise.

The whole spaying procedure doesn’t take more than 20 minutes. It can be longer, though, but it depends on how big your Frenchie is and the spaying time. Spaying during periods can take longer than when the Frenchie is not on her period.

After the surgery, there will be a small scar, but when hairs begin to grow back, you may not be able to see it. And if the stitching was correctly done, then the scar may be very minute and invisible except carefully observed.

It would help if you kept your Frenchie indoors after the spaying to reduce the physical exertion. Ensure she remains in confinement too. Also, you should not bathe her until after 14 days past the surgery and observe her to know if there are any changes in behavior.

French Bulldog Fertility Contract

The fertility of Frenchie will be well documented in the contract given to you when you buy your dog. You may have to read through the contract to know if you have breeding rights. You should also contact the breeder you bought your Frenchie from to know if it came with a complete registration. Some French bulldog contracts can state the age when you can spay them.

Deciding to breed is a huge commitment for your French bulldog especially if the fertility of the Frenchie has been determined. This is because female Frenchie can give birth to very many puppies and since they mostly give birth through cesarean section coupled with the fact that they have other health challenges, it can be very stressful.

Many routines are associated with the Frenchie period. It depends on what you want; you can speak with your vet to book for spaying or altogether get the Frenchie ready to mate and bring on those young Frenchie cuties.

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