Tips to Pick the Best French Bulldog Carriers

Tips to Pick the Best French Bulldog Carriers

French bulldogs are very popular pups around the world who are famous for their distinctive ears and affectionate nature. Whether you are an experienced French bulldog owner or a new one you should be aware of their specific needs that include the right carrier for outings and travelling. Choosing the right carrier for French bulldogs is important for their safety, comfort, and peace of mind. In this blog, we will tell you about some key factors that must be considered when selecting the right carrier for your Frenchie.

Why Do You Need a Carrier for Your French Bulldog?

Before you learn about the tips to pick the right carrier, it’s essential to understand why having one is important for your French bulldog. Here are some of the most important reasons.

  • Safety: Carriers provide enclosed and safe space for your pup, that prevents them from escaping or getting injured in crowded places and during travel.
  • Comfort: A specialized carrier will give your Frenchie a comfortable and cozy space to rest which is essential during long trips.
  • Convenience: Carriers also make it easy to transport your pup from one place to another, whether you are traveling by bus car or going for a stroll.
  • Compliance: In some carriers must be necessary to comply with airline regulations or pet-friendly accommodation requirements.

Now that you know the importance of carriers for French bulldogs, let’s look at the essential factors that must be considered when choosing one for your French bulldog.

1. Size Matters

When you are looking for a carrier for your Frenchie size is one of the most important factors. French bulldogs are a small dog breed and they have small size. Measure your pup from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail and their height from the ground to the highest point of their back when they are standing. Make sure that the carrier you buy is at least a few inches larger than the dog's size so they can move comfortably in it.

2. Type of Carrier

There are different types of carriers available in the markets, which have different advantages and disadvantages. The choice of the carrier mainly depends on the preference and the intent to use it. The most common types are

  • Soft-Sided Carriers
  • Hard-Sided Carriers
  • Backpack Carriers
  • Slings and Tote Bags
  • Rolling Carriers

3. Ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential for the safety and comfort of your pet. Make sure that the carrier you choose has holes and mesh windows for ventilation. When there is good airflow it will regulate the temperature in the carrier and prevent overheating. Adequate ventilation is essential especially in hot weather when traveling in a bus or airplane.  

4. Security

The carrier must be secure to prevent any kind of accidental escape. So look for a carrier with sturdy clips, zippers, or locking mechanisms that are not only easy to operate but difficult to open for your Frenchie. Some carriers have specific locks for extra security.

Additionally, check if the carrier has reinforced seams and corners to withstand your Frenchie's movements and potential scratching.

5. Comfort and Padding

The comfort of your Frenchie must be a top priority for you. Always get a carrier that has padded interiors and is soft and comfortable for your pup to sit in and lie down. Some carriers have machine-washable pads for easy cleaning.

Consider the following comfort features:

  • Padded shoulder straps or handles: In case you want to carry your Frenchie for a longer period of time, comfortable handles or straps are essential.
  • Interior tether: A tether inside the carrier will help in case to prevent them from jumping out if the carrier is open.

6. Durability

Always invest your money in a carrier that is built to last for a long time. Check the material and quality before buying. High-quality zippers and reinforced stitching will ensure that the carrier will work for a long time. It's worth it if you pay a bit more for a carrier that will last longer as it is better value for your money.

7. Cleaning and Maintenance

French bulldogs love to play so they can be messy sometimes, so consider a carrier that is easy to clean. Get a carrier that has removable and machine washable liner or padding. Additionally, carriers with stain-resistant or waterproof materials can be a great choice to keep your Frenchie clean and dry.

8. Storage and Portability

Think about where to store your carrier when it’s not in use. Some types of carriers or foldable or collapsible which makes them easier to store in small spaces. Portability is also important, especially if you'll be carrying the carrier while traveling or on outdoor adventures.

Best French bulldog Carriers

PawPacker Pet Carrier

This is a multifunctional pet carrier that can serve as an outdoor carrier, pet seat bed, and even a blanket. In a single purchase, you can easily cover all of your French bulldog needs. It is made of Oxford nylon fiber so it is sure that it is built to last long.

The interior of this carrier is made by keeping the comfort of your dog in mind. It even has a safety leash that you can attach to your Frenchie collar or harness. The most important thing is that it is very easy to clean.

Frenchie Back Pack

If your French bulldog has the fear of being left alone then this carrier has the ultimate solution. You can carry your Frenchie dog or puppy wherever you go. This backpack carrier is also great for ill or those dogs who are suffering from arthritis.

The back is so comfortable that your pup will stay comfortable in it. There is a D ring inside the pack which is designed to make sure your dog stays in place.


Picking the best carrier for your French Bulldog requires careful consideration of factors such as size, type, ventilation, security, comfort, and durability. It's essential to prioritize your Frenchie's safety and comfort to ensure a positive travel and outing experience for both you and your beloved companion. By following these tips and conducting thorough research, you can find the perfect carrier that meets your specific needs and allows your French Bulldog to travel in style and comfort.


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