Tips to Keep Your French bulldog Off the Couch

Tips to Keep Your French bulldog Off the Couch

Cuddling with your French bulldog on the couch or sleeping with them at night might be a thing that you enjoy a lot. However, it will be best if you establish some boundaries and don’t let them hop on your furniture. Aside from the fact that it is an undesirable habit, it will also result in your dog's hair on the couch and other surfaces. Thankfully there are a lot of techniques, that will help you dissuade your dog from couch access, and that ranges from positive training methods to the use of physical deterrents. In this article, we'll explore various strategies aimed at keeping your French bulldog off the couch.

Understanding the Behavior

Before looking at the strategies to keep your French bulldog off the couch, it’s important to know why they are doing this in the first place. As you know dogs are a creature of comfort, and a couch gives a cozy and nice spot to take a rest and keep an eye on their surroundings. Additionally, your warmth and scent on the couch is what that is enticing for them. If you understand these motivations it can help you address these behaviors effectively.

Provide an Alternative

One of the easiest ways to keep your Frenchie off the couch is to give them an alternative place to enjoy. It's best to invest in a cushion or a comfortable bed and place it near the couch. Always make sure that the bed is supportive, soft, and appropriately sized for your Frenchie. Make sure that you encourage your pup to use the bed by placing toys, treats, or a familiar blanket on it. If you associate a positive association with the dog bed and motivate your pup to use it then he will choose bed over couch.

Consistent Training

Consistency is also important when training your French bulldog. Always establish boundaries and clear rules from the start and make sure that all the family members follow them. Use commands like “bed” or “Off” and reward your pup if they follow it. Use positive reinforcement, like praise and treats as it will help associate the good behavior with rewards. However, stay persistent and patient French bulldogs take time to learn and use positive experience and repetition to help them.

Use Deterrents

There are different deterrents available that will discourage your Frenchie from getting on the couch. These deterrents include:

Double-Sided Tape: One of the things that your French bulldog dislikes the most is the sticky texture of the double-sided tape on their paws. Use strips of tape on the edge of the couch and on the places where your dog likes to sit. They'll likely find the sensation unpleasant and eventually avoid the couch.

Aluminum Foil: The crinkling sound of the aluminum foil is very annoying for the dogs and they hate the feeling of it. Cover your couches with the foil so that they don’t get on them and when the foil is off discourage them from using it.

Pet-Friendly Mats: There are some mats available that are completely harmless and they emit a high-pitched sound when pressure is applied which is uncomfortable for dogs. Place these mats on the couch to create an aversion to jumping on it.

Create a Designated Space

Along with an alternate bed, consider getting your French bulldog an alternate bed that they enjoy like a rocking chair. This will give them another space to relax which they feel like their own and when you give them a place of their own they will feel included and respect your values.

This rocking chair is especially best if your French bulldog likes to sit in small spaces. This rocking chair can be used indoors and outdoors as well.

Regular Exercise and Enrichment

If you have a tired dog there is less chance that he will get in any unwanted behavior. You should make sure that your Frenchie gets a lot of physical exercise and mental stimulation every day. Take them for walks, engage them in playtime, and give them toys and puzzle feeders. A snuffle mat can keep your French bulldog engaged and mimic a natural behavior for hunting food in the fields and grass.

This will not only keep them engaged but also give them a superior sense of smell. This also helps in exercising their brain, preventing stress, and keeping their minds off doing bad things.

Consistent Reinforcement

When your Frenchie starts using his bed and stops sitting on the couch, start reinforcing this good behavior. You need to give them praise, treats, and positive attention whenever they sit in their designated space. Consistency over time will solidify the behavior and make it a habit.

Use Covers

If your French bulldog has a strong desire to sit on the couch and stay persistent you should start using some couch covers or throws. This will help protect your couch from fur, dirt, and potential accidents, while it gives your pup a comfortable spot but a place that is easier for you to clean.

Behavioral Training

If you think that all the above methods are not working, get help from a professional dog trainer or behaviorist. They can help you assess their behavior and helps you in identify their issue and tell you some strategies to address this problem.


Training your French bulldog to stay off the couch requires dedication, consistency, and a deep understanding of your pup's motivations. By providing appealing alternatives, using positive reinforcement, and incorporating deterrents, you can encourage your furry friend to respect your furniture boundaries. Remember, the goal is not just to keep your Frenchie off the couch but also to create a happy and harmonious living environment for both you and your beloved companion. With time, patience, and the right strategies, you'll be able to enjoy a couch-free space while still cherishing the bond you share with your French Bulldog.


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