The Best Ways to Disinfect Your Frenchie against COVID-19

The Best Ways to Disinfect Your Frenchie against COVID-19

Every French Bulldog dog owner knows that having furs around the house is inevitable. Almost all French bulldogs will attract a couple of other things such as invisible bacteria and viruses. It is a continuous battle to keep your floor very clean, especially if your dog goes out to play often.


Dogs and Germs

A lot of researches have shown that houses with dogs have more chances of having bacteria than homes where there are no dogs. However, no proof whatsoever shows that some breed of dogs has more bacteria and illnesses than the other.

Hence all French bulldogs are equally susceptible to the coronavirus as every other dog. Going forward, there are some practices that will help you disinfect your Frenchie against COVID-19.


You Should Maintain a Routine Cleaning

This can be a challenging experience for you, especially if you frequently take your dog on a stroll. Your cleaning routine should cut across all parts of the house where your French bulldog would go, and also its pet house.

You should use pet sprays or wipes, which are better for French bulldogs than hand sanitizers. You should use it on your dog’s paws and also all over it to help prevent any chance of it harboring Coronavirus or any other virus.

Also, you should note that pet spray and wipes are designed to remove dirt and not bacteria. But as you remove dirt, you reduce the chances of them harboring these viruses.

You could also get a dog mat which can be permeated with disinfectant. This way, when they lie on it, it helps clean up their belle part and remove all forms of microbes than could be hiding there.

You could also mount a foot-washing station by the door of the house to help eliminate any infection that comes from being outside.


How About Using a Better Grass

Instead of relying on natural grass, you could also install artificial grass; this will help your home look better and keep your dog from getting viruses that come from the soil. With the artificial grass, you can say goodbye to pollen, toxic residues that could be obtained from chemicals used in lawn care.

When you can handle these dirt, viruses, and bacteria, then you can rest assured that your French bulldog will be safe.


Regularly brush your pup

You should make it routine to clean and groom your dog. This is very important. However, you should know that you need to wear your face masks and gloves when grooming your Frenchie. Regular cleanup would eliminate any drops of coronavirus if any rested on your dog on your way out.


Clean their toys regularly

Toys and blankets ought to be cleaned routinely. This routine will make your house and your pet’s house cleaner and fresher. You should beware of using just any chemicals for your dogs; you can get pet odor removals or any cleaning agent that is designed for your French bulldog, this will be safer for your Frenchie.

Give them proper oral hygiene

Since COVID-19 is likely affected by the respiratory tract, you must give your French bulldog the best oral hygiene there are. Apart from COVID-19, you don’t want your French bulldog to have any form of bad breathe.

You can get some dental chews; it will help your Frenchie get clean teeth. You can also provide them some vegetables and fruits; these will help them get the most nutrients for them to maintain their mouth hygiene.

Sprays and Foams

You can use sprays if you are not always in for a thorough bath for your French bulldog. Hence as much as possible, get a freshening sprays or foams, this can provide them some protection as some sprays have disinfectant effects.

Foams that can be dipped into some form of disinfectants can be used to wipe your French bulldog each time it returns from the playground.


COVID-19 is a virus that can be transmitted to your Frenchie, hence you should be as careful about the hygiene and disinfection of your French bulldog as you are of yourself. Make it a routine to clean up your dog daily.

Use recommended wipes for your Frenchie, and if you are confuse to know what not to use, you can place a call to your vet.

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