Should I Feed My French Bulldogs Sweet Fruits and Vegetables?

Should I Feed My French Bulldogs Sweet Fruits and Vegetables?

Every French dog owner wants to ensure their dog has the best diet and is healthy. While some dog owners will want to feed them with raw foods, it is ideal for getting the best. Hence it is often questionable to know if your French bulldog will like to eat natural fruits and vegetables.

Saying it plainly, your French bulldog does not need fruit and vegetables. But at the same time, they are a good source of calories for your Frenchie. Dogs eat almost anything you serve them, and French bulldogs are no different. This includes food that can also harm them; the more reason you have to know the effect of a particular food before serving.

Following up on a strict law about not feeding your French bulldog with vegetables can be difficult. Hence we have made a list of some edible fruit and vegetables to serve your French bulldog without any next health challenge.

Fruits that French bulldogs can eat

Apples are a good source of energy for your French bulldog. It is very rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is useful to repair tissue and improve digestion. Apple seeds anyway should be avoided. They contain cyanide, and this is harmful to your Frenchie.

You should wash the apple, cut it to small sizes, and then remove the seeds before your Frenchie can take it. You can also consider pear fruit for your dog. It is softer than apples, and its seeds are not edible, just like the apple seeds.

Bananas are another excellent option for your dog as it has high calories than every other fruit. You should also not feed them too much of it. Giving your dog half banana on alternate days is okay. It will prevent obesity and constipation. Wash the banana before you peel off the skin.

Vegetables that French bulldogs can eat

Vegetables are known to contain lots of vitamins and minerals. And a good example is Green Beans. Different types are suitable for dogs and every other pet in the house. You should give your French bulldog natural Green Beans. However, canned ones are still healthy. Take note of the salt contents when buying for your dog.

Cabbage is given in small quantities because it contains a natural compound that is not suitable for Frenchies to consume. The substance can lead to hypothyroidism.

What to avoid

As much as your Frenchie can consume lots of fruits and vegetables but some would outrightly lead to their death if you feed them on that.

Garlic and Onion are poisonous to dogs. Ensure you don’t leave anyone lying around on the floor. It can cause nausea, breathing problems, pain, and lethargy. You should contact your vet anytime your dog ingests onions or garlic.

The inside of most fruits are high in cyanide; hence they should be avoided at all cost. The symptom of this can range from breathing difficulties to death. You should pay attention to the seeds from fruits, so they don’t get ingested by your Frenchie. Others include unripe tomatoes, nuts, and nutmeg.

Finally, when you introduce fruits or vegetables to your French bulldog, you should start with small quantities. It will help them get used to the fruits to prevent any health complications from ingesting such fruits.

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