Should I Feed My French Bulldog with Goat Milk?

Should I Feed My French Bulldog with Goat Milk?

Knowing the best food to use for your French bulldog can be difficult. Some foods are triggers for allergies and other sensitivity issues, especially if it something artificial. You would need something that is best for your dog and, at the same time satisfying all its nutritional requirements. If you have difficulty finding the best feeding for your French bulldog, goat milk will be a good alternative.

The consumption of goat milk by canines have recently been on the rise. And it has been increasingly stocked in pet shops. You should know why goat milk is best for your French bulldog.


Why you should feed your French bulldog goat milk

Goat milk is known to have enough vitamins, digestive enzymes, fatty acids, and electrolytes. It is proven that goat milk contains a small number of fat molecules, making it healthier than other milk kinds.

Some French bulldogs have sensitive stomachs, which lead to loose stools, gas, and regurgitation. But using goat milk will put a stop to all of these. Goat milk is a probiotic and has a lot of digestive enzymes; these will help provide good bacteria in the digestive tract of your dog, making digestion fast and smooth.

Goat milk is also known to deal with yeast infection in French bulldogs. The ingredient responsible for this is caprylic acid that is present in large quantities. This acid is a natural yeast destroyer. Yeast infection can occur in the genital area and also in paw pads. The ears alike can be become itchy and red. Goat milk will put an end to all of these if your French bulldog experiences them.

Arthritis in dogs is susceptible to goat milk. It relives it because of the anti-inflammatory properties that it has. Goat milk does this by aiding the circulation of blood around the affected joint.

How to Use Goat Milk for your French bulldog

When you give your dog goat milk, all you need to do is mix it with your dog’s food. If you make the changes to your dog’s food, it can make its stool soften and cause flatulence and maybe diarrhea. Although this will be transient, you still have to ensure that you make the changes slowly.

Instead of adding several teaspoonfuls of the milk at once, you should add just one as a means of introducing your canine to goat milk. Afterward, you can add two spoonfuls before it becomes a routine.

Goat milk is packed in dry form and liquid form. Sometimes, when you are traveling with your French bulldog, it is easier to get the dry formulation, which you can easily use. But at all times, using the least processed food is the best for your French bulldog.

Buy fresh goat milk and put it in a freezer. It would help if you kept it in the freezer till it is ready for use. Since it takes up to 24 hours before it defrosts, you should know when to begin defrosting when you need to use the milk. The range of durability after thawing is 10days to 1 year if frozen.

How to find goat milk

Sometimes, it can be challenging to add goat milk to food, and if it is quite challenging to get raw goat milk, all you need do is to purchase dog feeds that add goat milk to their formulations. Many companies now fortify dog food with goat milk; you can get that for your Frenchie and allow them to get the benefit of using goat milk.

Goat milk is highly affordable; hence it is wise to start allowing your canine to get the best from it. You should get them goat milk even if your Frenchie does not have any health issues.

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