SCOOPIFY: The Benefits of Measuring Your French Bulldog’s Food

SCOOPIFY: The Benefits of Measuring Your French Bulldog’s Food

What are the chances that you may end up over-feeding your French bulldog? Read through to know the benefit of having the best tool to measuring your French bulldog’s food.

When you over feed your dog, he may come down with debilitating health conditions such as obesity. These health conditions can shorten the life of your French bulldog if not addressed urgently. A good eating practice will help your French bulldog stay healthy.

As a pet owner, you should love your pet. This love you have for your pet should make you want to show some level of care for them. And because you care for them, you should certainly do all you can to take care of them.

As a responsible pet owner, you know that for your dog to be healthy, they ought to eat correctly. And one of the ways you can ascertain if they are eating right is by using a measuring instrument that ensures that they are not consuming more than they ought to.


Why do you need proper measuring tool?

The rate of obesity for French bulldog in the United States is high. This is also true for other countries too. It has gotten to epidemic proportions. However, over-feeding a pet its regular food is not the only cause for obesity.

You should know that not all cups are measured the same. Hence to get the most accurate measurement, you will have to get a proper measuring instrument, like the Scoopify, which will help you get your measurements in the right weight before each serving.




SCOOPIFY: Pet Food Measuring Scoop


How much do you feed your dog?

It would help if you got a feeding measurement from your veterinarian. It will help you know how much you should give your French bulldog. This is because only your vet can know the right calories that would be perfect for your French bulldog based on the state of their health and on other factors, which the experts are aware of.

Most French bulldogs will survive on a twice a day diet. Some others would be three times a day diet, but this time, with smaller measures each time of the day. However, for an adult French bulldog, you can feed it once a day if you are not always available to feed them at 3 regular intervals during the day. Whatever you choose, do not just set meals and give them; you will have to consult with your vet.


What Scoop Should you use to measure your French bulldog’s food?

Why is measurement important? It is essential because when it comes to French bulldog, a slight difference in daily feeding recommendation will reflect in their weight. Hence because a measurement is called a cup does not mean it is the right measurement for it at all times. All cups are the not the same size, and even if all cups were sized the same, all Frenchies can take same quantities of food.

The scoop you should use for your French bulldog should be the one that can accurately measure your pet’s food portion. Scoopify would make a perfect gift for your French bulldog you love so much. You should get this Scoopify if you are searching for a way for your pet to be happier and healthier.

You can gift them to your friends who owns a pet; this way you ensure that not just your dog, but that of your neighbor or family stays healthy. Don’t you think that a measuring tool like this qualifies as just the right gift?

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Benefits of choosing Scoopify

  1. It provides for your pet a wonderful life: Pets generally make life happier and better for pet owners. Hence it is only lovely for you to return such favor by giving them the opportunity for a healthier life. Healthy choices come with the right eating; just the right scoop at a time.
  1. It helps your dog live longer: It is a sad reality, but it is true that pets that are not treated rightly and become out-of-shape, do not live long, as much as healthy dogs would. You can help your dog live longer and healthier by utilizing Scoopify to feed them in the right proportions.
  1. It has a digital weight measurement feature: Scoopify comes in handy with a digital function. It takes away the difficulty in trying to measure the right weight. This makes perfect for even when your dog’s food label spells out the kilogram to be given, Scoopify will help you make sure you don’t exceed that.


In the final analysis, there’s no price too great to pay for your beloved Frenchie. And getting a food measuring tool for your Frenchie is not so great a sacrifice to make to ensure that your pet stays healthy and free from obesity. It is not expensive and quite effortless to find. If you do not have a scoopify that has adequate measurement, then you should get one that would help you measure your French bulldog’s meal.

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