Everybody is wishing that the corona virus comes to an end very soon so that we can all go back to our old way of living and relating with our friends, family and pets. But when all this is over, what becomes of our lifestyle when it comes to shaking, hugging and maybe having a drink with friends at the usual spot.

How careful can we be with the outside world once we get rid of this virus and wearing of nose masks becomes a thing of the past? The chances are this “new normal” may turn into our way of life where we have to remain conscious and careful about how we interact with our human body.

We are here to give you tips on how to re-adjust your lifestyle with your Frenchie post coronavirus and this post is borne out of the fact that we are hopeful that life will become better soon enough. Let’s take you through the tips

  1.       Washing of Hands

At this point, our only means of survival is washing our hands with soap and keeping it away from our faces. This means maintaining proper hygiene should not change simply because the virus is gone. As long as we have adopted this new lifestyle, you should make sure that you keep safe in order to protect your Frenchie too.

Ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly before you touch your Frenchie and after touching it. It is tasking though but since you’ve gotten used to it I don’t think it will be difficult for you to continue still.

  1.       Playing with your Pet

Coronavirus is not a cogent reason to stop playing with your Frenchie so it won’t be a difficult thing continuing your normal activities with your Frenchie. You can even introduce different styles to the game so as to make up for lost times if you have been dragging your feet while playing the catch-a-ball game with your favorite buddy.

  1.     Exercise

Frenchies need exercise but you should ensure that they are not subjected to strenuous activities. While at it, you have to pay attention to what your Frenchie does and who touches it especially when you are on a short walk at the park or any other place outside your house.

Keep your environment clean and tidy so that your Frenchie doesn’t mess with unwanted items that may endanger its health.

  1.     Feeding

Frenchies never get tired when it comes to chewing a bone or smacking off the last drop of grain from his bowl. Whatever the case, you have to ensure that you boost your Frenchie’s immune system with the right food nutrients, especially fruits and veggies.

Always keep the feeding utensils neat and clean the floor properly before your Frenchie begins to eat so as to avoid picking up food from the floor that has already been contaminated. It is a lot of work though but you can achieve the best result when you put your mind into it.

  1.     Maintain a Healthy Hygiene

Considering the fact that Coronavirus can thrive on surfaces, you should not take chances when it comes to making sure that your Frenchie is kept clean and dry at all times. You can readjust their bathing plan in line with observing any infection or injury that is growing around their folds.

Keeping your Frenchie neat and dry will give you satisfaction and peace of mind each time you carry him or her on your lap or you play with his or her hair so that you don’t become too wary about getting infected.

  1.     Going for Regular Medical Appointment

You can routinely take your Frenchie to see your veterinary doctor to examine his or her health and prevent any impending illness or disease. Don’t leave anything to chance because your Frenchie’s life is just as important as the air you breathe.

Post coronavirus: what are the life lessons you’ve learnt so far and have put in place to preserve your life, the lives of other people around you and most importantly the life of your Frenchie.

You have to imbibe all that you learnt to foster a healthy living for your Frenchie, so why don’t you get started already!

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