My French Bulldog Is Begging: How to Deal with a Begging Dog

My French Bulldog Is Begging: How to Deal with a Begging Dog

When you have a French bulldog it's very difficult to resist those big eyes when they are staring at you. No doubt, French bulldogs have very charming personalities but one common behavioral issue that most French bulldog owners face is begging. Their irresistible pouts and soulful eyes make it difficult to ignore their plea for food. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons why French bulldogs beg and how you follow some effective strategies to deal with this behavior. By following these strategies you will have the tools that make sure that mealtime is a pleasant and peaceful experience for you and your furry friend.

Understanding Why French Bulldogs Beg

Before you look at the tips to address the begging behavior, it’s essential to understand why your French bulldog does this in the first place. The common reasons that contribute to these behaviors are.

  • Genetic Predisposition: French bulldogs belong to the generation of bulldogs, that were bred for lace workers in England. If you look at their genetic history they have a natural tendency to seek attention for food which makes them a natural beggar.
  • Food Motivation: These pups are food-motivated dogs. They have a lot of love for food and treats that drive them to beg for it, as the reward of begging is very tasteful.
  • Learned Behavior: French bulldogs are very great at learning and adapting to their new environment. If Frenchie is used to getting food in the past by begging, then they will use this behavior again to get the things they want.
  • Social Interaction: French bulldogs are also social pups they love being around family members and other humans. Begging is one of the ways to engage with family members during mealtime.
  • Anxiety or Stress: Sometimes, French bulldogs beg because of anxiety and stress. If your Frenchie is feeling insecure and anxious, they might start begging to overcome their anxiety.

Now that you have a clear view of why French bulldogs beg, it's time to explore some effective strategies to deal with this behavior.

Establish Clear Mealtime Rules

Consistency is very important when you are managing begging behavior in French bulldogs. It will be good to establish some rules for mealtimes and make sure that everyone in the house should follow them. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

  • Make a special schedule for mealtime and make sure to stick with it. This will help your French bulldog to anticipate food time and decrease their need for begging.
  • Your French bulldog must have a designated area to eat, such as a mat or specific room, and enforce them to stay there.
  • Train your dog some obedience commands and especially use them during mealtime. Reward your pup for good behavior with treats and praise.

Ignore Begging Behavior

Another part of dealing with this begging behavior is to resist the temptation of giving in. No doubt, it is difficult to ignore the begging behavior entirely but whenever your pup begs for food, don’t make eye contact with them, or give any attention to them. If you give any kind of acknowledgment, even a negative reaction it will reinforce the behavior.

Use Positive Reinforcement

One of the powerful tools for training your French bulldog is positive reinforcement. Instead that you give in to begging try to reward your pup for desirable behaviors like staying in their designated area or sitting calmly during meal time. Reward them with praise and treats.

Train Alternative Behaviors

Another effective strategy is to divert your French bulldog's attention away from begging. Train them to perform alternative behaviors at the time of eating, such as:

  • "Go to your place": Train them about a command like “go to your place” and let them sit on the bed during mealtime.
  • "Leave it": Teach your Frenchie the “leave it” command and discourage them whenever they approach for food.
  • "Stay": Train your pup to stay in a specific area be their room and reward them for this behavior.

Use Puzzle Toys and Food Dispensers

French Bulldogs are very intelligent pups and mental stimulation is very helpful in curbing these begging tendencies. Invest in food dispensers or puzzle toys that make your dog work to get their food. A snuffle mat can really help in engaging your French bulldog so that he won’t indulge in begging.


You can hide different treats in the mat and let your Frenchie found it. Not only your pup will enjoy playing with it but it will also keep their mind engaged.

Provide Sufficient Exercise

A tired dog will not do undesirable behaviors like begging for food or attention. Ensure that Your French bulldog gets mental stimulation and physical exercise throughout the day. Playtime, regular walks, and interactive toys can help in burning excess energy, and there are fewer chances of begging.

Avoid Table Scraps

Another common mistake that most dog owners make is to feed table scraps to their pups. While they feel good about sharing their meal with their pups doing this will only reinforce the begging behavior. Avoid giving any human food to your French Bulldog, especially from the table.

Be Patient and Consistent

When you are changing the begging behavior of your French bulldog it will take time and patience. Do your training consistently and don’t get discouraged if there are any setbacks. Remember that our dog will take time to learn new behavior and you have to stay patient.

Consult a Professional

If you tried all the strategies but the begging behavior of your pup stays persistent or getting worsens, it may be better to consult with a professional consultant or behaviorist. They will help you in giving guidance and address the issues you find in training.


Dealing with a begging French Bulldog can be a challenging but manageable task. By understanding the reasons behind their behavior and implementing consistent training techniques, you can teach your furry friend that begging is not an effective way to get what they want. With patience, positive reinforcement, and a bit of effort, you can enjoy peaceful and enjoyable mealtime experiences with your beloved French Bulldog while strengthening your bond with them.


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