Moving with a French bulldog: Tips, Problems, and Solutions

Moving with a French bulldog: Tips, Problems, and Solutions

Moving to a new home is a very exciting thing but it can also be a very stressful experience. If you are a proud owner of French bulldog you might have in mind how to make this transition a smooth process for your furry friend. French bulldogs have a very loyal and affectionate nature, but they are very sensitive to change in their environment. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore helpful tips, common problems, and practical solutions for moving with a French Bulldog.

Plan Ahead

The most common mistake that French bulldog owners make is to not plan ahead of the move. If you make decisions at the last minute it will cause stress and chaos for both you and your pet.

It's best to start planning in advance and make a checklist that includes a way to find a pet-friendly place at the new destination. Further book transportation, and book veterinary visits if necessary. If you plan everything everything will stay organized and there will be less stress during the move.

Maintain Routine

French bulldogs love routine and moving into a new house can disrupt their daily schedule. French bulldogs are a creature of habit and they feel really distressed when their routine is disturbed.

Maintaining your French bulldog routine is very important. Feed them at their regular time, and take them for play sessions and walks. If their routine will stay organized they feel more secure during transition.

Prepare a Pet Travel Kit

Most French bulldogs forget about packing the essential items of their pets which will cause inconvenience and stress at the last minute.

Make a travel kit that includes their food, medication, water, collar, toys, ID tags, and other thing that your French bulldog love and need.

Visit the Vet

Sometimes French bulldog has issues that go unnoticed during the move and they become a problem. French bulldogs can be prone to some respiratory issues and stress can increase such illnesses.

Before you move pay a visit to your vet, make sure your pup is healthy, and update on his vaccination. If you have any specific concern discusses them with your vet and asks for advice. Your vet may recommend calming supplements or medications.

Familiarize Your Dog with the Carrier or Crate

French bulldogs can feel nervous when they are confined to a crate or carrier, this will be a problem if they are not used to it.

To make your French bulldog comfortable with a crate or carrier, introduce it before you plan to move. Place some toys, treats, and blankets to make a positive association with the carrier. With time increase the time spent by your French bulldog in the carrier. You can get a Frenchie care seat traveling bed for your French bulldog it is made of oxford fabric that is very comfortable and relaxing.


If any is spilling the travelling bed is waterproof so no worries. There is also an adjustable buckle inside the bed that helps in adjusting the bed according to size. The most important benefit of this bed is that it is scratch-resistant so it will stay new even after a long time.  

Plan Breaks during Travel

If there is a long journey ahead then it can be stressful for your French bulldog they don’t like traveling for a long time and it can cause exhaustion and stress.

Take regular breaks during the journey and give time to your pup to stretch their legs relieve themselves and drink water. Take breaks in pet-friendly areas like parks. It will reduce the stress of traveling and make the journey more pleasant.

Secure Your New Home

When moving to a new home it can be overwhelming for our French bulldog they may put their nose to unfamiliar places and put themselves in danger.

When you allow your French bulldog to move freely in the new house first pet-proof the new space. If there are any hazards like small objects or toxic plants that they can swallow. Create a designated safe area for your dog to explore at their own pace.

Monitor Behavior

When you move into a new house it will trigger big behavioral changes in French bulldogs that include aggression, anxiety, or house soiling.

When you first move into a new house keep a close eye on the behavior of your French bulldog. If you find any change in their behavior consult a dog trainer who has experience in helping dogs adjust to new environments.

Be Patient

Expecting your French bulldog to immediately adjust to a new environment is unrealistic. It will take time for them to adjust and feel secure because everything is new for them in the house.

Stay patient when you move in with your furry friend. You should keep in mind that it's normal for them to feel anxious. Give them a lot of love to help them settle into the new situation and surroundings. As time goes on your Frenchie will adjust to new situations that will help them thrive in new situations.

Build a Routine in Your New Home

If your French bulldog will not get a routine in his life he may feel disoriented in the new environment.

Make a routine as soon as possible and stick with the walking, feeding, and playtimes. A consistent routine will help in making your Frenchie feel secure and comfortable in their new home.


Moving with a French Bulldog may present its challenges, but with careful planning and consideration of your dog's needs, the transition can be a smooth and positive experience. Remember to maintain routines, prioritize your dog's comfort and safety during travel, and provide the love and reassurance they need during this exciting yet potentially stressful time. By following these tips and being attentive to your French Bulldog's well-being, you can ensure that both you and your furry friend settle into your new home with ease.


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