How to Save Cost Catering for Your French Bulldog

How to Save Cost Catering for Your French Bulldog

Having a French bulldog is not going to be easy on your finance. It comes with lots of purchasing and maintenance costs that you have to be prepared for. Some factors will affect your purchasing of a French bulldog and the price you pay for it. There are two aspects to focus on when you look out to save cost maintaining a French bulldog; they are feeding and Health. 


Ways to cut down on Feeding Cost

Your French bulldog will need more calories if it spends its time playing outdoors or running around the house. Let it remain idle in its cottage; it will reduce your feeding cost.

One of the significant needs of your French bulldog is feeding and exercise. If your French bulldog does not get the regular exercise, it will make it have become obese. 

To save cost during this lockdown, you should be able to ration the meal you give to your French bulldog. Usually, you may want to provide them with 1 cup of high-quality puppy food three times a day. 

You can split the feeding into 0.5 cups of the same puppy food for just twice a day. All you do is to cut down on its activity. This way, you cut down on its food needs and provide all that your French bulldog will need to survive and stay healthy. 

If you have adult French bulldogs, you should employ a different feeding ration. Your dog can survive on a 1 cup of high-quality food twice daily instead of the standard 1.5 to 2 cups twice daily. 

Your dog will consume more feed when it has increased activity. You can do all you can to save some energy by keeping the dog in its cage during the day. 

To save costs, you should also feed your dog on vegetables and fruits. It is cheaper to ration some of your French bulldog diets on vegetables and fruits. Vegetable contains some fibers, and this can make your French bulldog get filled on time. 

There are lists of human food that your French bulldog can eat. You should make a list of that and share your meals with your French bulldog whenever it is convenient. This way, you do not have leftovers, and whenever there are, they are not wasted.

Some of these foods include; peanut butter, fruits, and vegetables, cheese, chicken, and turkey. Your French bulldog can also eat Tuna, Sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. 

All these human food have some exciting benefits for your French bulldog. For example, Salmon contain Omega-3-fatty acids, and these can improve brain health, promote heart health, and help the eyes too. So, it is a win-win.


How to cut down on health cost

The French bulldog is quite a unique dog, and it will need all the special care available. Right from the most superficial ailment to worse kind of ailment, the French bulldog will need some special care. 

It is wise to invest in some health insurance for your French bulldog to help cut down on these unforeseen health conditions. There are lots of insurances that are available for a French bulldog. 

You may feel it is not necessary, but you should know that there are lots of diseases that a French bulldog is prone to; when they become older, they can become sick quickly due to a weaker immune system. Hence you will do yourself a lot of good if you get registered.

Some insurance companies will provide you with lifelong coverage, and sometimes, they may decline if your French bulldog is either too young or too old.

But once you are done with all the process, you will understand that it is worth it, insuring your French bulldog.

Have some hands-on health skills

You can also learn some health information about your French bulldog to reduce the frequency of vet visits. Learning some deworming skills will come in handy.


Your French bulldog is more like a pet and should be treated as such. Do not use it for any other function. Care for it as much as you know how to and ensure that it stays healthy. This alone is one fundamental way to save costs. 

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