French bulldogs are known for their unique-looking face; hence it can be difficult for you to know when they are happy or when they are sad. Despite their face, they can also smile when they are happy. They may also wiggle their waist when they are happy. You can tell if your French bulldog is excited when all he or she wants to do is play; all dogs would usually want to play when they are happy. If their ears or body seem to be relaxed, it could be another sign of happiness.


You must pay rapt attention to your French bulldog so you can tell when your dog is happy. There are several things that you can do to improve your dog's mood and that is the main reason for this article. Perhaps, you've been thinking of the best ways to make your French bulldog wiggle his or her bum out of happiness. Here are a few things you can do.


  • REGULAR HEALTH CHECKUPS: you must realize that a healthy dog is a happy dog. To make and keep your French bulldog happy, you should do your best to visit a vet as regularly as possible. When your dog stays healthy, your dog is happy, just like us humans, no one enjoys being sick.


  • WALKS/EXERCISE: Regular walks and exercise can do the trick for you. Find time always to take your French bulldog out for walks. If you have a tight schedule, you could hire someone to walk your dog every day. If you want your French bulldog to stay happy, you would have to consider walks.

 Frenchie Pack (Harness, Collar, and Leash with Bandana)

Frenchie Pack (Harness, Collar, and Leash with Bandana)


  • PLACE YOUR DOG ON A NUTRITIONAL DIET: Healthy eating would keep your French bulldog happy as well. You would have to find the perfect nutritional diet for your dog, this helps to keep your Frenchie happy.


  • GROOMING: One of the most important ways to keep your Frenchie happy is by grooming your dog at least once a week. You would give to brush your dog as often as you can and for a start, you could try doing it once every week.


  • TOYS: Try to ensure that your Frenchie has a lot of playthings such as toys, and the likes. Create some playtime and help your dog enjoy playing. This is one significant way to make your French bulldog stay happy.


Teeth Cleaning Toy


  • CLEAN EARS: Your dog's ear folds are meant to stay clean. You will have to clean your dog's ear fold as often as you can. When the dog's ears are clean, they tend to be relaxed, and relaxed ears mean that your French bulldog is happy.


  • BATHS: To keep your French bulldog happy, you will have to bath him or her occasionally. Dogs don't need to have a bath as regularly as us humans, just occasionally, enough to keep your dog clean. A clean dog most often stays happy.


  • DEVELOP ROUTINES: Routines are essential with dogs. You have to develop a routine that includes walking, feeding, etc. Every activity should have a set time. This is important because a changed routine could make your dog disappointed and sad. So, think hard and develop the best routine.


  • DO NOT STAY AWAY FOR TOO LONG: Your French bulldog is a social companion dog, and more than anything, your presence is essential to the dog. When you go out, do not stay out for too long as your dog could develop separation anxiety, which is most likely to make the dog depressed.


  • GET ANOTHER FRENCH BULLDOG: Another way to keep your dog happy is by getting another French bulldog. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Usually, Frenchies tend to be happier when they play in pairs.


  • KEEP YOUR FRENCH BULLDOG INDOORS: Many persons often make the mistake of keeping all kinds of dogs outside; they do not realize that not every dog can serve the purpose of a yard watch. A French bulldog cannot watch your yard because they are not wired to stay outdoors. They are sensitive, especially to extreme weather conditions. It is therefore, vital that you keep your French bulldog indoor most times; this will make and keep your friend happy.


House for Frenchies (Shark Bed)

House for Frenchies (Shark Bed)


  • WATCH OUT FOR WEATHER CONDITIONS: The weather conditions could contribute in making your French bulldog sad and so it's of great importance that you would watch out for the weather and keep your dog warm in the cold to avoid Hypothermia or frostbite and again, keep your dog cool when it's hot to avoid heat-stroke.


French Bulldogs are special breed of dogs that would serve as a good companion if they are treated well. Hence to ensure you have a happy French bulldog, you should apply these techniques listed above and then, you are on your way to having the best from your dog.

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I always thought routine was key, recently read to change it around, so I’m glad I’ve read this.

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